Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2nd Annual No-Spend July!

I was just driving down the road today, and realized- it's July!
If you remember from last year, I decided to celebrate "No-Spend July". For the second year now, I have again vowed to not spend money on anything extra for the entire month. I hope to do the same as last July, and not spend on anything- not just crafts, but clothes, shoes, etc., too. It's really not as difficult as I thought, and it's a really good thing in some ways. For example, the most obvious positive is that it saves some dough. It also gives me time to catch up on my projects that are lined up... which are MANY as of right now, let me tell 'ya! I hope to be posting projects like a mad woman during this month. That is, as long as the weather will cooperate. I have some things lined up to spray paint, but it is nowhere near spray paint weather right now.

Another advantage is that it lets me realize just how unimportant material things are. I can do without so much. I hope to learn even more during this second time around. I'll keep you posted!

Just a quick post here- I have a following post coming right after this one, so stayed tuned...

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