Monday, April 18, 2011

Thrifty Chick

So, I mentioned I have been checking out a lot of design blogs lately. I have always been interested in that sort of thing, and I didn't realize how many people are out there that are just as obsessed as I am! My favorite site so far is She is always talking about trips to her local thrift store and she gets really great stuff for craft projects. I decided to take my lunch one day last week and have an outing like this for myself.

I have been in our thrift store maybe one other time before to actually look around. I have dropped off things we were getting rid of a few times before, but never checked anything out. I didn't even look around at the clothes while I was there. I don't think there's anything wrong with the clothes there- it's just not my thing. The "knick-knack section" is where it's at! Especially if you're in the market for picture frames, this is the place to be! I purchased two myself while there. One was 25 cents and the other was 50 cents. Worth it? I think so.

(Sorry for the glare) 

I also bought this little candy dish. It reminds me of something that my great-grandmother would have had. I do have a couple of things from her house, so this fits right in. I love how this style is still in style today. It's neat to think about my kids and grandkids using my things later on.

(I did clean this up after I took the photo. It made a world of difference!)

My next item was one that I thought would probably freak Zach out. He doesn't want to think I'm already planning out a nursery or anything (which I'm not), and that's understandable. Don't want to rush anything now, do we? :) He was ok with it though. I spotted this lamp when I walked in the store, and I kept going back to it a few times. I hate it when I do that (and Zach does too). I almost always end up getting whatever it is that I keep going back to, but I still keep reasoning out the purchase in my head.

How cute is that?!

Since I've been looking at these blogs, I've caught on to the fact that most of the bloggers/designers look at things in a different way. Like, in looking at this lamp, I didn't just see a lamp with a white base and cute little shade that I may use years down the road in a little girl's room. I saw a good, sturdy lamp base (could be any color with a little paint) and a cutesy shade that I could easily replace- oh, and a bulb was included. All for $4.00. Sold!

I'm going to keep the lamp shade, for a little while anyway. It could always be thrown into the yard sale pile...which, by the way, is quickly growing. We currently have a spot in our guest room reserved for any and every thing going into our next yard sale. I'm hoping to have one in the next few months. We'll either participate in the Highway 11 yard sale and set up at a friend's house, or open up at our own house on a different date. Anyways, I hope to paint the lamp base soon. We'll see how that goes. I won't even elaborate on the fact that we have nowhere to put said lamp right now, so it may be in the closet for future use for a while. :)

After getting a quick bite that day, I stopped by Dollar General (another favorite of mine) and got some spray paint. I hope to have a spray paint day one Saturday, now that it's warmer outside. We'll see what I come up with. It's something to do and it's not work, so it will be fun.

Also, just want to throw a little suggestion out there. If you haven't played Words With Friends, you need to! A bunch of us choir people at church have really gotten into this game (especially at the times when we're supposed to be rehearsing). It's a lot more fun when you can find your friends on there and start a game with them. So far, I'm playing with our choir director (Dr. Roger), our pianist (Brad Fricks) and my favorite singer in the church (Susan Downey). It's a fun game, so try it out when you have the time. It's also on Facebook I believe.

Speaking of choir, I sang in my last trio yesterday with Jeannie Woods & Bob Johnston, our Sunday School teacher. Rehearsals have gone really well, and the performances were even better. I give all the credit to God, who first & foremost gave me my voice, and helped me through the songs each & every time. I pray for calmness every time I sing, and it always works out- ALWAYS. We are all singing in a night service on May 15th also, so keep that in mind when praying!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I went shopping in Chattanooga with my sweetie and we ate at Outback for free (thanks to birthday gift cards), so ours was great! Yay for shopping weekends! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Things About Me

I saw a post like this on a friend's blog, and decided to take the time and do the same (in other words, I'm bored). I have not done one of these in a long time, so surely I've changed some since then...

10 Random Things About Me:

1.) I would rather sing in front of people than speak. I used to sing solos at our last church, but haven't done that in a while. FBC is too big for that! Haha! I do love singing in small groups, especially trios, and I love working with our kids' choirs. Music is one of my favorite things!

2.) Everyone says that their spouse (husband, in my case) is their hero, and the same goes for me. But, my mom is also my hero. To go through all that she's gone through, and come out the wonderful, strong, bright, happy, funny person that she is-- that makes her my hero. :)

3.) People tell me all the time that I'm always smiling, and that I talk too fast. If those are the worst things they can say about me, I'm doing ok.

4.) I am a dog person. Growing up, we always had cats, so that's what I've always liked. We had a stray dog show up many years ago when I lived with Mom & Dad, and we've been attached to dogs ever since. Dogs are so much more fun and have people personalities. Our two doggies are our babies right now. Life would be boring without them! And, just for your enjoyment, here's a recent photo of our babies:

I'm a proud mom, can you tell? :)

5.) I can be a clean freak sometimes. I get this from my grandmother. When I say can be, I mean our house is definitely not always clean. When I start cleaning it though, it has to be done right then and it has to be done just the way I like it. I'm bad about wanting to do it all myself, just so it's "done right." This also goes for laundry and cooking. I tend to want to take over and do it all on my own. Zach can be this way with cooking too. I enjoy it when he cooks though- I just hate that I get stuck with the clean up. I clean up when we BOTH cook. That doesn't add up, does it??

6.) I am obsessed with home decor. I would rather buy something for the house than clothes for myself. However, I also love buying clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry. This is not healthy for my checkbook, but my closet definitely looks healthy! Bonus fact for ya' on the subject of shoes and purses: My shoes always have to match my purse- ALWAYS.

7.) I can't hear or sing an Eagles song without thinking of my dad. Neither can I watch any type of UA sport. Can't wait for football season, by the way! I can't believe he won't be here to enjoy it, but I think he'll still be watching. :)

8.) Zach will laugh at this one- I can't have my hair behind my ears. Period. I can put a little behind my ear, but some has to be covering my ear. This goes for any time, but especially when I'm sleeping. Can't go to sleep with my ear exposed. I'm a weirdo.

9.) I have never weighed enough to give blood- thank you Lord! I know this sounds so selfish, but I just don't think I could do it. I may hit that point (like, right before giving birth I hope), but even if I did weigh enough, I'm just not sure about that. On that same note, giving birth scares me. I know it is a thousand times & more worth it, but it still scares me. I'm still not sold on which way is "easier" either. I've heard so many stories on both sides, but it's just one of those things where you don't know until you go through it, I'm sure. Just for the record: I have always wanted atleast two kids, a boy and a girl. My mom was the same, and she got her wish, so maybe I will too. Either way, as long as they're healthy, I will be thankful.

10.) Some of my closest friends right now are girls I went to school with. I'm very fortunate in that respect. I'm glad that we can all still keep in touch fairly closely. Our lives have changed quite a bit, but we're all still friends.

Hope I haven't bored you to death! If you have the time, send me or comment on one of your random things. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nieces :)

Marissa sent me this cute pic of me with the girls that was taken at Zach's mom's house for his birthday dinner. I was so glad she thought to take one of us! Zach had his camera there, but he was pre-occupied with setting it up for shots of the "super moon" (which didn't turn out to be so "super"), so he didn't get any of the fam. I think the girls cooperated really well for the photo. I couldn't imagine trying to get both to look at the camera A.) at the same time and B.) while smiling. I think it turned out well, except for the fact that I needed to get my hair done at the time, but the girls' cuteness overshadows that! :)
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