About Our Babies

We are blessed to share our lives with two of the sweetest, cutest dogs on the planet! Daisy & Cosmo bring a smile to our faces every single day, and we love spending time with them. Naturally, we have to brag about them occassionally on the blog. We wouldn't be good parents if we didn't, right?

Meet Daisy...

I adopted my Daisy girl from our local SPCA in August of 2006. She was 6 months old. I had wanted a Jack Russell for the longest time, and our current stray we had taken in had just passed away. My mom called the SPCA one day on a whim, and the first thing that came out of the lady's mouth was, "We have just gotten in a cute little Jack Russell!" It was fate.

My mom & I headed to the shelter that very day on our lunches (and we rarely get our lunch hour at the same time, but it worked out that way that day- again, fate), and I got to meet her. I knew from the moment the lady brought her out, her trying to wiggle out of her arms with her hyper self, that I wanted to bring her home with me. I had to wait a couple of weeks on that, because she was scheduled for surgery (spay/neuter...whichever one, I don't know, ha!) I still have her first tag with her shelter name, Bernice (ugh), that Zach still lovingly calls her from time to time.

Those were the longest few weeks ever, but the day finally came, and Zach went with me to pick my girl up and bring her home!

She definitely lives up to the hyperness of a Jack Russell, especially when we return home & she greets us. She is always full of energy! Zach can't get over how she is constantly on the move. When her & Cos go outside, she never stops, while he is almost always resting. She does calm down every now & then, and when she does, she's the perfect little cuddle buddy.

She can be a jealous girl sometimes, which is just about the only complaint I have of my girl. We are working on that, though.

Meet Cosmo...


Zach got Cosmo from a friend in 2003, when he was just a few weeks old. He is named after Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld, Zach’s favorite show. He was such a cute little puppy, but he wasn't little for very long. He has grown into the most handsome Border Collie we have ever seen!

Cosmo is incredibly smart. Zach has worked with him & taught him so many things, including "shake", "sit", "lay down", "outside", "ball", and "frisbee." He's still working on "salute." Cosmo is so good to get along with Daisy- even when she shows her jealous streak.
I like to think of him as her little protector. :)

He loves, loves to play in the water hose. We also just recently tried giving him a bath indoors, and it worked out surprisingly well. He's always good to cooperate with us. We love it in the Summers when he gets his "fur-cut." He is always so cute, but he's even more handsome when his coat is longer & thicker in the Winter.

The only complaint for Cosmo, I guess, would be that he is a little over-protective. We would rather him be that way than not care, though. He is picky about visitors sometimes, and may not get along with many people outside from family,
but he's always a sweetie with us.

Here are a few more pics of both that I couldn't resist posting...

Our little family

Our first married Christmas with the four of us

I think it's funny how our babies resemble us. Cosmo is tall, dark & handsome like his Daddy, and Daisy girl is short & blonde like her Mommy. :)

Asleep in Daddy's office. Love this one! :)

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