Our Trips

We LOVE to go on long vacations & short trips- anywhere! We are enjoying traveling and having time away so much right now. This is our time to get up & go at a moment's notice- the only chance we'll have to do this again is after the kid(s) are out of the house and we have retired. I hope you enjoy some photos we have posted over the years of all of our wonderful trips. We are so blessed to have been able to go to the awesome places that we have so far!

Walt Disney World 2013
Our Fifth Anniversary trip!

Walt Disney World 2012
Our fourth anniversary trip, again to our favorite place on Earth!

Aruba 2012
Pics from Oranjestad, Aruba

Walt Disney World 2011
Our third anniversary trip!

Maui, Hawaii 2011
These are pics from our second trip to Maui.
"Beautiful" doesn't even describe this place!

More photos, taken from my iPhone

This post includes photos from our first trip to Maui in 2010.

Photos of our whale watching trips. Awesome!

Lots of photos my sweetie took

This was our first anniversary trip. It was a quick weekend get-away, but so nice!

Pics of the Ritz-Carlton where we stayed.
It was wonderful to be spoiled!

Pics from the Coca-Cola Museum

Pics from the Georgia Aquarium

PhotoPass pics

Our honeymoon!

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