Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine

I am so excited to spend another Valentine's Day with my sweetie! This year, I actually asked him to not send me flowers. I do enjoy getting them, especially if I'm at work during the day, but I thought it would be better this year for us to both enjoy something together. Instead of spending money on flowers that would fade and die in just a few days, we decided to use the money for a very nice dinner. (We actually decided to not get each other ANYTHING since each of us have no real needs or wants, because we were so spoiled at Christmas. However, he cheated and bought me my favorite Whitman's Sampler chocolates!) I was surprised though when I found out that a few of my friends had told their husbands the same thing. We would all rather have food than girls! :)

Last year, we had our Valentine's date at Canyon Grill. The restaurant has always been one of our favorites, but since our Rehearsal Dinner was held there, it means even more to us now. Since we only go there maybe twice a year, we decided to go again this year. It was yummy, as always.

We were going to take a few pics of us before we left for the restaurant, but didn't really have the time to, so I'm just posting more Maui pics. These are just a few of the photos Zach took in Maui, and I'm planning to post more on here soon. He posted a full portfolio of them on his Flickr page:

Wow! I love the sun rays in this one.

Me & my sweetie on Honolua Bay

My feet & Zach's feet in the sand. Bet you can't guess which one belongs to me? :)

Me & Zach on our beach, Ka'anapali

Me on our room balcony

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