Monday, February 8, 2010

EIGHT Years Ago Today...

...I had the best and most important date of my life!! I can't believe that our first date was exactly eight years ago today! It's amazing how time flies! Just to commemorate our little anniversary, I thought I would post some old photos. :)

Prom 2003- I was a Senior in High School, and he was a Freshman at BSC.

This is my favorite pic my mom took of us before Prom.

Eating out at Pizza Hut forever ago!

At Disney World...the moments right after we were engaged!

Our beautiful, perfect wedding day :)

Enjoying the first day of our honeymoon in St. Thomas

We enjoyed our weekend with a Marriage Retreat with our church group. We had 39 couples attend! We had it at The Summit in Fort Payne, so the setting and the food were both wonderful!! It was great to spend time with our friends.

After church on Sunday afternoon, we made some last-minute plans with David & Amy Kinsley to watch the Super Bowl at their house. We met up with two other couples from church, Mark & Monica Patton and Scot & Angie Shankles, and had lots of yummy food with them. Their kids all came too and had a ball playing together. We're very blessed that God led us to our church and we're so thankful for all the new friends we've made so far! God is good, all the time!!

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  1. What sweet, beautiful photos...
    Love you,
    Mom H.


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