Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mom & L's Wedding- 8/24/13- My Pics

Whew! My mom's wedding is now over! It is a great feeling all-around- just knowing Mom & Lynnwood are now happily married, and we're all now settled back at home, and back to our normal routines. It was an absolute honor to stand by Mom as her Matron of Honor while they were married.

We put a lot of work into these two days (the rehearsal dinner Friday & the wedding/reception Saturday), and I feel like everything turned out beautifully. The weather cooperated also, so that was wonderful! The best part was getting to see
close family & friends!

I was only able to squeeze in a few pics from that whirlwind of a day. I took my iPhone down to the reception site & got just a few pics before the wedding, then just a few more during the reception. Can't wait to see & share our awesome photographer's photos when they are ready!!

Mr. Jones & me :)

The Matron of Honor bouquet (mine) & the bride's bouquet (Mom's) 

Susan (Mom's wedding coordinator) & I did most of the flowers! I was so proud! This was the first time EVER I had tried my hand at flowers & I LOVED IT!


The wedding site

I made this chalkboard from a thrift store frame, and the vintage suitcases are my grandmother's...

The groom & bride

Me & my best friend Anna! Hadn't seen her in so long!!

Anna, me & the girls! Emma was one of my flower girls, and that makes me feel so old!

Me & our cousin Carol... loved reuniting with family we hadn't seen in a while!


Loved the Birds of Paradise in the food table arrangement...

The bride & groom's table- that they never even used! Ha!

Our shoes that carried us through (most of) the day...

We put this together for Dad & for Janice...

The happy couple after the rehearsal dinner...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our Newest Addition

Zach & I hit up (a small part of) the World's Longest Yard Sale this past weekend, and ended up scoring the newest addition to our home. I had been looking for a replacement for our glass coffee table for a very long time. Not that I didn't like the look of it, because I did, I just didn't like the glass. Zach had had the table & the matching glass end table since he first bought the house, so it was time for a change. (By the way, these two are now for sale, 
if anyone is interested.)

The top two pics show the Before & the bottom shows the After...

It was love at first sight for me. This was exactly what I had been wanting, and for a very reasonable price. 

We had visited the couple that sold it to us last year during the yard sales. They always have the coolest vintage finds. They own a shop in Summerville, GA, so we plan to make stops there from now on. Zach was interested in another piece they had, so he made a "two-for" deal with them. He's my little haggler. :)

They said this chest dates back to the 1800's- Zach & I are both a little skeptical about that, but we love it anyway!

The detail is beautiful! I have seen more ornate trunks than this one, but they come with a much higher price. I am so happy we now have an old piece with some history to go along with it.

Short post today... not much going on that's not wedding-related, so not much to post on. I hope to share some wedding-related projects soon. The wedding will be here in a little over two weeks!!

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