Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let's Play Catch-Up...

... like, 5 months' worth of catching up. I recently realized I had not hit the "Publish" button in a little over 5 months now. Not necessarily a bad thing. Life has been busy- and wonderful- lately, and lots of things take priority over a small, meaningless blog. But I do want to take the time to update (mainly for myself & my few readers) on what has gone on these past months since my last post on Mom's wedding.

So, here goes a month-by-month run-down
of our "exciting" lives :) ...


September actually was rather exciting for us. We enjoyed our annual Disney Anniversary trip- this time, for our FIFTH Wedding Anniversary! Still can't believe we've been married five years now! As they say, time flies!

This trip was my favorite, because my sweetie surprised me with an awesome anniversary dinner. He had a custom-made menu created just for us, along with a private viewing of Epcot's fireworks show, Illuminations. The food & the attentiveness of our private waiting staff was impeccable, and it meant so much to me that he would go to all the trouble of planning the dinner just to surprise me. 

Coming home from Walt Disney World wasn't as bad, because we had tickets to an Alabama home game (first home game of the season!) that following week. Our seats were some of the closest you can get, and the entire experience- tail-gating included- was awesome! Very proud of the Tide this season, and hope next season will be even better!


This is a minuscule event in the grand scheme of things, but I needed a pic for October... ha. It really was a big deal for me... I had my hair dyed chocolate brown- no highlights, which I've had continuously since high school. Truth be told, I always had light blonde hair growing up, then it got darker as I got older. It is now a dirty blonde/light brunette naturally, but I am still loving the chocolate that was put in.  


A simple pic for November, even though the month itself isn't simple. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving this year, and it was nice to have a new addition to our table, my new step-dad. :)


Right before Christmas, Zach & I had a nice long weekend get-away to Buckhead, where we've been once before. We stayed at the St. Regis again, which is out-of-this-world! For the winter season, they transform their swimming pool area into a winter wonderland-esque ice skating rink, which we happily took advantage of. 

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant in the area, Chops. It was amazing!

And, of course, you can't forget Christmas. This marked our TWELFTH Christmas together, which is unbelievable to me. 
We are very blessed!


January has been great so far. I was blessed to celebrate my 29th Birthday the same week as my granddad celebrated his 83rd! We had a family dinner at Top O' the River. Yum- turnip greens!! I also had a good family dinner at Zach's mom's with his family to celebrate. I always love family get-togethers. :)

It's a little sad to see 5 quick months all rolled up into one post, but I didn't want to miss the important things that have happened since my break. I hope to post soon, but I really have enjoyed the break. We'll see!
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