About Us

2008- Day One of Marriage 

My name is Ashley, and my husband is Zach. I am so happy you're visiting! This blog all started as a way for me to scrapbook my & my husband's new, married life together. My very first post was of our wedding, and I posted it right after we got back from our honeymoon. Through our FIVE years of marriage, our little blog has blossomed into more of a way for me to show little projects of mine that keep me busy around the house, share thrifting trip adventures, share recipes, and update family and friends on our life. I work full-time, but when I'm home, I love to get crafty with design projects in my (very little) spare time. I really love frequenting my local thrift shop and posting my finds.
I hope you enjoy my ideas, some mine & some of others who inspire me. Feel free to follow my blog and comment any time-
all bloggers love a comment!

2012- Year Four of Marriage

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