Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festivus Family Fun

Last night, we had a "Festivus" dinner at our house. Zach's family came over and we ate and exchanged a few gifts. It wasn't the typical Festivus gathering, as there were no "Airing of Grievances" or "Feats of Strength," but we did watch the Festivus episode of Seinfeld. The food was great, if I do say so myself, and we all had a great time with each other. I posted a few pics of the night. Some are of Ella opening presents with everyone (my favorite is the one of her and Uncle Zach- so sweet!) and the last one is Daisy meeting Ella for the first time. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

I just enjoyed my last two vacation days of the year at home. I got a lot accomplished around the house, baked a little and wrapped most of our Christmas gifts. On Wednesday, my mother-in-law, Helen, came over and we took her out to lunch and then spent most of the afternoon re-covering our dining room chairs. All the work was worth it though- they look beautiful!! Thank you, Helen, for all your help!

On Thursday, we had lunch with Zach's dad, Gordon. After we got back home, I tackled the guest room (better known as our "junk room.") Zach tried to work during the day, but I think I bothered him at times. After I finished cleaning, I was bored and wanted someone to talk to besides Daisy! In other words, I don't think it would ever work out if I stayed at home too!

Going back to work on Friday was a little disappointing, but the day is going by really fast so far, and the weekend will be here soon! We're having a get-together with some of my family on Saturday night, so our Christmas festivities are beginning! This Sunday is our church choir Christmas concert and I am so excited about it! It will be a great feeling to see/hear all of our hard work pay off!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had a really busy, but great weekend! On Friday night, Zach worked at the city park during the parade for Kiwanis. After the parade, we went to the Johnston's house (our Sunday School teacher at church) and had dinner and played "Dirty Santa." It was actually a "White Elephant" party, meaning each couple brought something from their house that we didn't want around for another year. Since we haven't really been married long enough to accumulate "junk," we brought a duplicate wedding gift that we had. I think the couple that ended up with it were pretty happy too! Haha...We heard on Sunday that we had missed the karaoke that took place after many couples left, so we were a little disappointed about missing that show!

On Saturday, we made a trip to Chattanooga and went shopping with Zach's mom. We went to a cute little fabric store in town where we found the perfect fabric for our dining room chairs! She's coming over to help us re-cover them on one of my days off this week! After Chattanooga, we went to my Nationwide (work) party, and enjoyed great food at Canyon Grill. Sunday was busy as usual, but Sunday School and church were great (especially the music!), and then after relaxing during the afternoon, we shopped a little that night. Zach found exactly what I had wanted for Christmas! As soon as we got home, he set up my new jewelry armoire for me and then I got to fill it up! We decided to just buy each other something that we pick out. That way, we won't have any surprises- good or bad! Just kidding!

I'm really enjoying decorating the house for Christmas! We're planning on having Zach's family over for a "Festivus" party on the 23rd...which will likely just consist of dinner, but we'll see if he has any plans that I'm not aware of yet.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Many Christmas Parties, So Little Time!

Zach and I have a really busy schedule ahead of us in December, but we're really looking forward to all of our Christmas get-togethers. Last night, I went to our Christian Women Christmas party and we had thirty women there! We had a great time playing "Dirty Santa," even though I didn't get the gift I wanted at first. I ended up with a cute set of Fitz & Floyd Christmas salt and pepper shakers, so I was happy. Tonight, we're having to make a trip to Wal-Mart, so that will probably take up the whole night. Wednesday night, I have choir rehearsal for our Christmas Chorale, then Thursday night we have our Bunco Couple's Christmas party. I have officially been nominated to be in the Bunco group (haha!), so I'll get to enjoy that every month now! On Friday night, we have our Sunday School class's Christmas party, then on Saturday is our Nationwide party. We're going to Canyon Grill, so we're both looking forward to that!

Next week, I'm taking the two days off that I have left and using them to straighten up the house and enjoy some much needed relaxation. The week after that is Christmas and I can't wait for it! I love Christmas time and getting to spend it with family!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let It Snow!

I woke up Monday morning to go back to work (unfortunately), and could not believe it when I looked outside. Our back deck was covered with a layer of snow! We went outside for a little while to enjoy it...except for Daisy. She doesn't like the rain or, apparently, the snow either. I put her coat on her (don't laugh), and she still wouldn't go outside for a long time. Cosmo was definitely enjoying it though! Snow fell all morning and then melted away really fast. It was beautiful while it lasted though.

Decorating for Christmas

As soon as I got home from shopping Friday, Zach and I left the house to get our Christmas tree. I've never really been a fan of having a real tree, but it really does make the house smell like Christmas. There were so many gorgeous ones to choose from, but I think we picked the best one. Instead of catching up on my sleep when we got back home, I took advantage of my day off and decorated the house for Christmas. It was so much fun decorating our own house together this year! Zach set up the tree while I placed everything on our dining room table and china cabinet. I had to hang our stockings on the china cabinet for now, as you can see from the first picture, but they had to go somewhere! Zach picked out a beautiful poinsettia for our table and it really brightens up the house! We also got a real wreath for the front door, so we're ready for Christmas now!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Early Morning Shopping

This is the first year that I decided to get up early and hit the After-Thanksgiving sales. I had thought that I would have gotten up early and it not really have been worth my while, but it definitely was! My mom and her best friend Debbie have been shopping early on Black Friday every year since I was little and they've asked me to go every time. I thought this would be a good year to start, since we could always use more things around the house...and I could always use more clothes/shoes/purses!

I woke up a little before 4 and was in the door at Wal-Mart at 4:45. I would highly recommend avoiding Wal-Mart that day if you don't like crowds. I did find some really good deals there, so it was all worth it. After hitting a few more stores in Fort Payne, we ate breakfast and then headed to Gadsden mall. I was really happy that I made myself get up that day- Zach was too, since I "saved" us so much money.

Our "First" Thanksgiving

This was our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife and we enjoyed it so much! First, we went to Zach's mom's in Chattanooga for lunch, then had a later lunch with my family, then on to Aunt Gail's to spend time with Zach's dad and Grandma. We ended up having my family over at our house this year for the first time, and we hope to have Zach's family over for Christmas. The first picture is from Zach's mom's, the second is at our house (though the table is not full yet- everyone else was still filling their plates at the bar!), and the third is a pic I took of "Daddy" and Daisy. Aside from being stuffed from eating three big traditional meals, we had such a great time getting to spend the day with family. We have so much to be thankful for, and even more this year! As much as we are all blessed, we should have "Thanksgiving Day" every day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baptist Young Women/Christian Women

I went to my second Baptist Young Women (renamed as Christian Women) meeting Monday night. It's a group of women, ranging in age from 21-50, who get together once every month for a dinner and devotion. It was so much fun not just to get out of the house and do something different on a weeknight, but to get to know some of the women from our church. We're planning a women's weekend retreat in January and I cannot wait for it! If you listen to one of the women who went on last year's retreat talk about it, you will instantly want to go! We're scheduled to leave January 9th (my birthday!), and will return on the 12th. (Zach and I can always go out for my birthday a week early!!) If anyone wants to go, just let me know! We would love to have new people join!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Colors

I decided to take some pictures of all the gorgeous trees around our neighborhood today. The fall colors are so bright this year, even after the lack of rain. The first picture is the drive where our house is. All the different colored leaves blend together so beautifully! The last picture is the view of the mountain from our road. We are blessed to have images like these all around us every single day, and so many times we take them for granted! Autumn is a great time to realize the beauty that God has created and thank Him for it all!

Papou's Family

Zach's Papou (Greek for "grandfather") passed away last week. He was known by everyone to be the most caring, giving person. We traveled to Tarpon Springs, Florida for his service, which was such a great tribute to him. All the people gathered there, including family and so many friends, had so many kind things to say about Papou. You could look around the room and see the love for him in everyone.

One of the good things that came from this was the family getting together. It was nice to meet a lot of Zach's family that I had never met before. We met with some of the family for dinner, by chance, our last night in Florida and had a fun time getting to know them. The top picture is Papou's grandchildren. The second picture is the (big) family, minus just a few.

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Month Anniversary

I cannot believe that today we have been married for one month! The time has really flown by since our wedding and honeymoon. We've been busy moving the rest of my things from my mom and dad's house, as well as rearranging things in our house. It's fun getting to incorporate my stuff (and Daisy's stuff) in with his though! Our new life is fun, but surreal at times. We were "boyfriend and girlfriend" for so long, so it's really different adjusting from that to "husband and wife." I love it though!

Our house is coming together. We've been cleaning and doing laundry like crazy. All we need now is a few more little things and a few big things- including a dining room table and china cabinet. Those will come later on though. We're so blessed with the house and all that we have now that the bigger things can wait.

I guess to celebrate tonight, we're having dinner with my family. My mom, my dad, my grandmother and grandfather, and we, are all having dinner together at my grandparents' house- which we haven't gotten the chance to do since before the wedding.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

During the day

This is what Daisy does during the day. Zach works in his office while she takes it easy in her bed. Zach caught a picture of her when she fell asleep looking out the window. I would LOVE to live her life for one day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoons

Sundays are great! On Saturdays, we're always going somewhere or have something to do, so Sunday afternoon is usually our time to rest. After church on Sunday mornings, we love to go home and relax. One of our favorite things to do is go outside with Daisy and Cosmo and watch them play while we sit on the deck and enjoy the nice weather. I posted a few pictures of them playing in the yard and a precious picture of Zach and Cosmo.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Wonderful Husband

I just wanted to post some compliments to Zach. I know we've only been married for two weeks and two days today and everyone says we're "still on our honeymoon", but Zach really is a great husband. I know I'm very blessed that he chose me to be his wife. He's been so good to take in not only me as a housemate, but my dog too! Speaking of that, she's his little buddy during the day now. Instead of keeping her in the guest room by herself, he's had her out all day with him. While he works in his office, she lays in her little bed by the window and looks out all day in between naps (He pulled the blinds up so she can see out). He not only takes care of her during the day, but he fixes lunch for me at home on the days we don't go out, and this Sunday morning while I was getting ready for church, he cooked breakfast! He taught me how to do the laundry (sad, I know) and cleaning the house has been my "career" lately. I like how we both have our own things to do around the house. I love the little things that he does, when I don't even ask him to. I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband and am so excited to see what God has in store for our future together!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Honeymoon in St. Thomas

Our honeymoon trip to St. Thomas was wonderful! We relaxed at the beach for a couple of days, went shopping in downtown St. Thomas about three days (no surprise there!), and ate so much great food! We even treated ourselves at the shops- Zach bought a watch and I bought some diamond earrings. After all the work we did on the wedding planning, we deserved it!

We went to Coral World Ocean Park one day and enjoyed the SeaTrek, where we went underwater with masks attached to an oxygen hose. We saw so many fish and got to hold starfish underwater. It was a unique experience. We also visited their Lorikeet Garden where they would land on us as we fed nectar to got a little too "up close and personal" with Zach (see photo). The aquarium there was great too. We were really glad we took a day and went to the park.

The weather was great, even though it got a little too hot at times. The sun was harsh, so we didn't get too much of it. It was nice not having to keep up with what time it times we had to think hard about what day it was. It's always great to escape from the real world for a little while and not think about work.

By Saturday (our one week anniversary!), we were somewhat ready to come home to see our families and our babies, Daisy and Cosmo. We were so happy with our choice of St. Thomas and hope to go back for an anniversary trip sometime! We'll post more photos later. We had a full camera many times during the trip, but luckily Zach brought the laptop to transfer them all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Wedding Day

We are now back from our honeymoon to St. Thomas and are enjoying life as husband and wife! Thanks to everyone who came to our wedding and shared in our special day! Everything about it was perfect!!! We are very blessed with wonderful family and friends that we love so much. We thought this blog would be a great way to keep in touch with everyone, so we hope you enjoy it! We've posted some of our favorite pictures from our wedding. You can view our professional photos at
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