Monday, October 13, 2008

One Month Anniversary

I cannot believe that today we have been married for one month! The time has really flown by since our wedding and honeymoon. We've been busy moving the rest of my things from my mom and dad's house, as well as rearranging things in our house. It's fun getting to incorporate my stuff (and Daisy's stuff) in with his though! Our new life is fun, but surreal at times. We were "boyfriend and girlfriend" for so long, so it's really different adjusting from that to "husband and wife." I love it though!

Our house is coming together. We've been cleaning and doing laundry like crazy. All we need now is a few more little things and a few big things- including a dining room table and china cabinet. Those will come later on though. We're so blessed with the house and all that we have now that the bigger things can wait.

I guess to celebrate tonight, we're having dinner with my family. My mom, my dad, my grandmother and grandfather, and we, are all having dinner together at my grandparents' house- which we haven't gotten the chance to do since before the wedding.

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