Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Ritz-Carlton

We so enjoyed staying at The Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta! We wanted to stay somewhere special since it was our first anniversary, and Zach thought this would be the perfect place! We want to make it "our place" to go on long weekends and some special occassions. Next time, we want to take advantage of the spa. Zach could really use a nice massage, and I guess I would HAVE to go along with him! :)
As soon as we arrived at the hotel, one man came to his door and another came to mine to help us out of the vehicle. They then took our luggage up to the room for us and had it waiting on us when we got back. The room was great- complete with a snack & drink bar. It didn't take us long to find the Snickers and Cokes...haha! Zach really enjoyed the view from our bay window. I included a picture of the top of one of the buildings we could see. He loved the lions at the top.
I loved the inside lobby and the seating area. The chandeliers and light fixtures were one of my favorite parts of the hotel. I wanted to take the ones shown in the second and third pictures home with me, but Zach didn't really think they would go with anything else in our house.
We went to the gift shop and decided to get something to keep from our trip. I got a cute white & black Ritz-Carlton bag (my favorite color combo--you wouldn't guess that from our wedding, would you?), and Zach got a really nice stainless steel thermos.
Everytime we would walk through the lobby, hotel attendants would tell us, "Happy Anniversary!", our "Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Jones!" Our waiter at the restaurant that night was really nice and made sure we were having a great time. It was great to be pampered our entire trip!
I'm posting a link to my Facebook album for the rest of these pics. I hate that this blog doesn't really give you any options for organizing pictures, so this will have to do for now.


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