Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately...

Roll Tide!!

Zach absolutely hates it when I dress Daisy up, but if it's in her Alabama shirt, I think he can make an exception...

He took a few pics of us this past Saturday, and I couldn't believe she stayed so still through the whole thing. She must really be a true fan at heart. :)

We didn't want to leave Cosmo out either.

Though the above pictures don't quite prove it, we have been really busy these days. Zach has been swamped with a lot of new, exciting work coming in, in addition to his stack of current work. I am really proud of him and the success he has with his business! We are both very thankful for our jobs right now, while so many others are without.

Zach's also been feeling better these days, healthwise. This is such a blessing for us.

This past Sunday afternoon was my first time to assist with leading the youth choir, grades 4th-6th and I absolutely loved it!! We had 19 kids, which is awesome for our first meeting of the year! Please continue to pray for us as leaders that we will be the Christian examples these sweet, talented kids need! Our first performance date is set for October 4th, so we have a goal to work towards!

Zach & I are really enjoying our weekends. Saturday is really our only day to take it easy. Lately, we've been making the journey to Mentone to Zach's dad's house to watch the Alabama games. (His TV is much better than ours.) I mentioned to Zach that we should have him over to our house and cook for him once instead, but again, his TV is MUCH better than ours. (That's the explanation I get, but it is true.) :)

I have also been more excited than years before about the Fall season. A friend and I were joking about when was the right time to set out Fall decorations. I think I may have been a little early this year, since I had already set out some Fall stuff a couple weeks ago (I'll post pictures later.) I always love cooler weather, the beautiful colors in the leaves, and especially getting together with family for Thanksgiving. Every year, we have more blessings to be thankful for than the year before.


  1. Forgot to mention how the blog editor does NOT cooperate well! I can write my posts with spaced paragraphs, then when it's published there are no spaces. So no, it's not that I can't structure my writing into paragraphs. If anyone knows how to better edit blog posts, please let me know!

  2. Same problem here! I looked under Settings & switched to the updated editor. It has a lot more options and it works! -SD

  3. I noticed that yesterday before I got your email! I've changed mine too. Thanks Sarah!


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