Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun At the Fair, Children's Choir & Fall Cleaning

This past week, the fair was in town. Zach and I didn't go for some reason last year, but this year we were really excited when two of our really good friends asked us to go with them on a double date. We had such a blast getting to spend time with Alan (McNew) & Elizabeth (Carr)! Even though we're all in FP for the time being, we're all always busy with our jobs. Zach hit the basketball game first and won me a prize! (Of course he won a big stuffed gorilla--it was also our first stop, meaning I would have to carry the stupid thing ALL night!) Luckily, as soon as he won it, we ran into David, Sissy and Rachael Walker who were about to leave. I offered it to Rachael and she was delighted to have it!

We actually rode a couple of our favorite rides- the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Himalaya. We ended up riding the Tilt-A-Whirl twice, but our first time around was better. We all four fit in one of those things (which was not an easy task!) Elizabeth & I were a little squished, but it was so much fun. I suppose it was all the weight that kept it spinning and spinning. I don't usually get dizzy on rides like that, but this was a little much after the second time around! Later that night, Zach won me another prize in the water gun shooting game. He picked out a stuffed Batman, which he probably would have kept for himself, if we wouldn't have ran into my cousin Kayla and her cute little boy. Those sweet little kids' faces lit up when we gave them those toys that we would have just taken home and put up in the closet. It was a good highlight of going back to the fair. Little did we know we would have just as much fun as we did back in Junior High!

On a different note, last Sunday our primary leader for our children's choir was on vacation, so me and one other lady had all the kids to ourselves! We had 23 kids show up that afternoon for practice! All-in-all, it was a good experience! Last night was our very first performance for the church and our kids did GREAT!! We had only about 15 there for the practice and performance (so many kids are sick this time of year!), but they made some noise and it was wonderful. When I got home last night, our music director for both our sanctuary choir and the kids' choirs had texted me to say he loved all the music and the smiling faces...especially the leaders' smiling faces, which made me smile even more. :)

Onto our project we've started at the house...I told Zach that our garage would HAVE to be cleaned out by this winter. He has offered countless times to let me use the garage and he would park his vehicle in the driveway, but I just think that's ridiculous when we have a TWO car garage! I had actually cleaned out a lot of the garage when he was away on his fishing trip in June, but it was too hot to work at times. Now that we're about to run out of time before the much cooler months arrive, we're working to get it completely cleaned out. We're hoping to finish it up tonight and have my car a new home for the night! Only now, we have to clean the guest room, because that's where we've placed all the boxes from the garage!

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  1. Your post reminds me of when we first moved to Fort Payne and we were invited to the fair by Jordan Hammond and Marianne Jones...the three children looked adorable and I still have the photos.
    I am happy to hear you had such a good time.
    Love you,


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