Friday, October 16, 2009

"In sickness and in health..."

We've really had the chance to practice the former part of that vow lately! Zach and I have had a rough week! Poor Zach got sick on Monday night and has been sick since! It started with flu-like symptoms (fever, aching, etc.), then Thursday he began coughing constantly. I was sick when I woke up Wednesday morning and on through Thursday. I didn't have what he had, but was still weak and "achey." We made it fine on Tuesday when I felt well and could wait on him, but things were difficult on Wednesday and Thursday!

Zach finally gave up because of his coughing and let me take him to the doctor this morning. They did blood work (...which I did watch, Mom! You would be proud!), and let us know that he had atypical pneumonia. We picked up some good drugs for him, including some cough medicine that should hopefully knock him out for the night!

 My mom brought us food one night, Zach's dad brought us lunch one day, and my grandmother brought us lunch/dinner and even cleaned our house for us (bathrooms and all, bless her heart!) Zach's mom called to check on us and even offered to bring food all the way from her house in Chattanooga. Thanks so much to all our family and friends who have brought us food, called to check on us, or sent us comments and messages via Facebook!! It feels so good to know we have people sending up prayers for Zach while he's still sick.

We're just going to "enjoy" the weekend by staying in the warm, comfy, clean house. I may go to church on Sunday by myself, just to "rejoin the living" for a while and see our kids in children's choir. I pray that Zach gets better really soon and that I don't get sick again!

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