Monday, December 15, 2008

Great Weekend!

We had a really busy, but great weekend! On Friday night, Zach worked at the city park during the parade for Kiwanis. After the parade, we went to the Johnston's house (our Sunday School teacher at church) and had dinner and played "Dirty Santa." It was actually a "White Elephant" party, meaning each couple brought something from their house that we didn't want around for another year. Since we haven't really been married long enough to accumulate "junk," we brought a duplicate wedding gift that we had. I think the couple that ended up with it were pretty happy too! Haha...We heard on Sunday that we had missed the karaoke that took place after many couples left, so we were a little disappointed about missing that show!

On Saturday, we made a trip to Chattanooga and went shopping with Zach's mom. We went to a cute little fabric store in town where we found the perfect fabric for our dining room chairs! She's coming over to help us re-cover them on one of my days off this week! After Chattanooga, we went to my Nationwide (work) party, and enjoyed great food at Canyon Grill. Sunday was busy as usual, but Sunday School and church were great (especially the music!), and then after relaxing during the afternoon, we shopped a little that night. Zach found exactly what I had wanted for Christmas! As soon as we got home, he set up my new jewelry armoire for me and then I got to fill it up! We decided to just buy each other something that we pick out. That way, we won't have any surprises- good or bad! Just kidding!

I'm really enjoying decorating the house for Christmas! We're planning on having Zach's family over for a "Festivus" party on the 23rd...which will likely just consist of dinner, but we'll see if he has any plans that I'm not aware of yet.

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