Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So Many Christmas Parties, So Little Time!

Zach and I have a really busy schedule ahead of us in December, but we're really looking forward to all of our Christmas get-togethers. Last night, I went to our Christian Women Christmas party and we had thirty women there! We had a great time playing "Dirty Santa," even though I didn't get the gift I wanted at first. I ended up with a cute set of Fitz & Floyd Christmas salt and pepper shakers, so I was happy. Tonight, we're having to make a trip to Wal-Mart, so that will probably take up the whole night. Wednesday night, I have choir rehearsal for our Christmas Chorale, then Thursday night we have our Bunco Couple's Christmas party. I have officially been nominated to be in the Bunco group (haha!), so I'll get to enjoy that every month now! On Friday night, we have our Sunday School class's Christmas party, then on Saturday is our Nationwide party. We're going to Canyon Grill, so we're both looking forward to that!

Next week, I'm taking the two days off that I have left and using them to straighten up the house and enjoy some much needed relaxation. The week after that is Christmas and I can't wait for it! I love Christmas time and getting to spend it with family!

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