Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Magical Anniversary Trip

WARNING: Picture Overload :)

Do you want to be treated like royalty on your special occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.)? Then simply go to Walt Disney World! We had an AWESOME time on our trip! It was our best Disney trip yet. We were able to fit everything in that we wanted to do, and even a few things we had never done before! We got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and the Disney princesses!! We wore our "Happy Anniversary" pins, which gave us countless shouts of "Happy Anniversary!" everywhere we went, and we even scored a few free things, including yummy desserts!
It was, in one word, MAGICAL!

We went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party & loved every minute of it! We saw the parade with the headless horseman that actually rode on Main Street on his horse- amazing! We took the candy trails and were handed loads of yummy candy.
We both filled our bags full!

I would have to say my favorite part was getting to meet the characters. I couldn't believe we had never done this before, as many times as we have been, and it was so easy! We waited until the afternoon, I guess when most of the kids had already crashed for the day, so we were only in line (in an air conditioned room) about 10 minutes. We met Mickey & Minnie, which was so fun, Cinderella (my favorite princess!), Belle from Beauty & the Beast (Zach's favorite :) ) and Sleeping Beauty (Aurora, I think it is).
We had met Donald Duck earlier that day.

We also both got to be the "spies" on Star Tours (we had our picture on the screen during the ride)- I couldn't believe we BOTH got picked to do this at two separate times! We were shown on the big screen during the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor comedy routine. This is our second time to be shown on the big screen, which was really neat. We also were called on by a "cast member" (Disney employee) to come up to the front before the Hall of Presidents show. The sweet guy said he had a phone call for us, so we both picked up the phone and listened to Mickey & Minnie wishing us a Happy Anniversary. It was so cute! He then asked us our names and he wrote them out, along with "Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary" in beautiful calligraphy on a Disney card that said "You will always remember this day at the Magic Kingdom."
I can't wait to frame that!

I wanted to include some of our favorite pics. These were all taken on my phone, but Zach took his camera along, so more awesome pics are on the way. Plus, we really took advantage of our PhotoPass (we get a free photo book included in the package), and those turned out great. We'll post those once we get them! Also, Facebook now has a public link you can use for all photo albums, so if you want to check all of my phone photos out,
here are the two links:

The Fall decorations made me want to go home
& add to mine some more!

Zach's favorite- The Haunted Mansion

Me & my sweetie about to go enjoy our anniversary dinner

Zach got to meet Chip...or Dale

He also learned how to play this thing...

On the Magical Express, about to leave :(

My favorite- Tower of Terror

We LOVE this!

And, you can't forget the yummy food...

Zach's dinner at Fulton's Crab House- Lobster Naragansett

...and mine, Alaskan King crab legs- nothing better!

Crabcake California roll...yum!

One of our FREE desserts from Kona Cafe. We loved this!

Burger with shrimp...yes, please!

Another FREE dessert :)

Courtesy of Pecos Bill...

Yummy Mickey

Sorry so many, but I hope you all enjoyed them! I will try to post the others (especially the ones of us meeting the characters) soon!

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  1. I did not expect these to be on here so soon...just beautiful and I am so happy you both had a perfect time on this much looked forward to trip.
    Cinderella's Castle at night is gorgeous and I now understand why Zach was so excited to get his lobster meal again!
    Love you,


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