Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've Got the Blues...

...not literally, just figuratively.

I have recently gotten tired of all the red in our living room.
It needed to be broken up a little by another added color.
So, I happened to remedy that in one fell swoop just a few days ago. We hit up Kirklands on our Labor Day shopping trip, and I fell in love with everything I saw, like always. I could drop my entire year's salary in that store, and still be left wanting more. 

I have been in love with a certain slate blue for a while, but haven't really found anything with it that I like. That was, until I ran up on a few things at Kirklands. I actually pulled out a rug that caught my eye, and it all spiraled from there. The rug...


is gorgeous! I grabbed it up & a mate for it, and went back & forth for a while. We have did have two rugs, one at our front door & one at our back door on the ceramic tile. They have been there since before I moved in the house (coming up on 3 years). They were purchased back in the days where I would get so excited about buying little things here & there for "his" house. He would always seem to like whatever it was that I had picked out (sweet thing!) I figured it was now time for a change. I am still keeping the old rugs, though, for when I get tired of the new ones, I guess. I am also keeping all of the red I had in the living room.
I think the combination of the brown, red & blue really works.

They also had these flower throw pillows on sale (one-day only kinda' deal!) for $7. I couldn't resist.

Then, my mom actually found this little jewel, showed me, and I HAD to have one for myself. (That happens fairly often with me, I've noticed.)

"It's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years." Bonus is that it's an Abraham Lincoln quote, just for my sweetie.
I have looked for a plaque with this quote on it before for him,
and couldn't fine one.

Next on my list is this:

Google Images

I will be spraying a select few things with "Peakaboo Blue" from Krylon. I want to add just a few little touches of this throughout our living room. Then, if/when I get tired of this color, I can just spray on a new color! Easy change-up!

I also had to stop by Bath & Body Works and grab up
my favorite Autumn scent...

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin!!

It goes great with my little $5 candle sleeve I bought a while back from there.

Yay for Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin weather!

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