Monday, September 26, 2011

Calendar Vinyl

Yet another No-Spend July project that I have just recently wrapped up! Let me tell you, I have had the stuff for this project for a really long time. I think I was honestly just a little nervous to use the vinyl. I was so afraid I wouldn't get it on straight! It did turn out to be a pain in the you-know-what, trying to get it straightened, lined up, all while smoothing out the air bubbles, but I love the way it turned out!

I had ordered a cute little calendar vinyl from a GroopDealz email a long time ago. This is the second time I have ordered something from them, and I love how it works,
not to mention the great deals!

I had the project finished, but then wanted to change it up.
So, I'll do a little something different here and go ahead
and show you the final product...

I love it!!

Starting off, I knew I would have to find something to put the decal on. The instructions that came with the vinyl said it could be placed right on the refrigerator, but I knew how that would end up. We would have a white fridge covered in dry erase marker that I would constantly be cleaning. I always want to try to repurpose something I already have instead of buy something new, if at all possible. (Keep in mind, this began as a No-Spend July project). So, I rummaged around the junk room guest room for something to use and found this little prize:

Haha! This was taken over 8 years ago now, by the way. Ugh, makes me feel old! Needless to say, this hasn't been hung up on a wall in a long time. It came from Zach's old room at his dad's house. Aww. :) I took the photo & glass out, spray painted the frame in black (free, taken from Mom's- also used on the jewelry tray makeover project) and covered the backing with red posterboard ($1 for 2 at the lovely Dollar Tree),
then stuck the vinyl on the cleaned glass. 

Here are the steps:

I removed the glass from the frame first and cleaned it. Then, I spray painted one coat of Krylon Gloss Black on the frame.
One coat was all it took.

Then, I had to find a large enough piece of paper for the backing. I was perusing the Dollar Tree and found posterboard. I wanted it red to give it a little color. I then carefully stuck the vinyl on the glass (easier said than done).

I looked at it, and kept thinking about changing up the background paper. I really wasn't loving the bright red in the area I had planned to hang it up. It's so easy to change up the background too, if I ever want to change it again in the future. Who knows, if I'm feeling really crafty, I could use coordinating scrapbook paper and decorate for all seasons. Ha, big "IF."

I remembered the lovely zebra print paper that I have used on many projects already, including the projects here, here and here. Love that linky tool. :) So, that brings us to finished product once again...

I'm wanting to create a little organizational hub in the laundry room- somewhere to put loose important papers & keep up with important dates. One laundry room wall is completely empty & it's the perfect place, because it is usually only seen by me & Zach. So, my calendar is now waiting to be hung up in our laundry room (ahem, Zach), along with a framed corkboard that I bought probably about a year ago now. Things aren't hung up on the walls in our house very often, as you can tell. :)

Wouldn't these look great hung up on the wall near each other? Maybe soon! :)


  1. I LOVE this! I have been trying to figure out someway to create an aesthetically pleasing yet functional calendar for our kitchen. THIS is the answer. Thank you, thank you!

  2. I just realize from this post how even a calendar has a role in the home decoration.

  3. This turned out really great! I like it much better without the red background! I had to laugh a little at what I am assuming was your senior picture! I think that mine is almost identical, with the black boat neck drape that we had to wear! I found your blog on the 320 Sycamore link party! :)


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