Thursday, September 1, 2011

FALLing In Love

I have never been more excited for Fall than I am this year. I admit, it is now the first day of September and my Autumn decor is OUT! I couldn't wait any longer. Some of it has been set out since late August. Actually, on the weekend of the 13th, Zach & I were cleaning out the garage (his idea, bless him!), and I asked him to just go ahead and bring my big handy plastic bin
of Fall stuff up from the basement.

So, this weekend I went ahead and set out all the things I have had over our past three years of living in this house. It is crazy how much stuff you can accumulate in so little time. Don't even get me started on Christmas stuff. I have 3 big plastic bins of Christmas decor, and I think I am going to have to buy another this year, because of all the odds & ends left out from last year. Oh, I love it!

I bought wreath forms at The Dollar Tree months & months ago, and knew I wanted to make leaf wreaths with them. It ended up being so easy! I love how they add a little oomph to our mirrors:

(Sorry, more iPhone photos. They seemed to bring out more of the color in the leaves than the photos taken with my camera.)

(Ignore the iMac sitting on the table. However, it's for sale, if anyone's interested!!)

(I got "un-lazy" and cleaned off the table for this one.)

I started with the wreath forms:

I found the little leaves at The Dollar Tree a few weeks ago.
I did like the orange, but I wanted something more.
So, I "dusted" them with gold metallic spray paint, and loved it...

I thought maybe I would paint them a solid gold, but when I started spraying lightly, I loved the look of a little bit of orange with the gold dusting, so they ended up that way. I layed them out on the wreath form to make sure they fit. I was actually going to hot glue them down, but the stems fit well inside the openings of the wreath form, so that was easy. Now, I can remove them easily, if I decide to use the forms for something Christmas-y.

I decorated the table with a few different things, and I'm still not sold on what I've done. I may move around some more things later, but so far, this is what I've got...

(This was taken with my camera- it shows a little less color, 
but more detail.)

(Taken from iPhone)

Love the glittery detail on these!

The only new things on the table are the glass bowls. These were purchased from Kirkland's a few months ago. They were on clearance (I am ALWAYS drawn to the clearance area in any store- never know what you might find), and they were $9.99 for all three. I couldn't believe it myself, so I had to ask the cashier to make sure. Yep, $9.99 for all 3- with no dings or cracks in sight! I was in love!

I used the third glass bowl, the biggest one,
for another easy-as-pie arrangement:

The pumpkins & gourds were from my grandmother's 90th b-day party back in 2010, and the glittery leaves were from an arrangement on Dad's grave. There are so many neat things that Mom & I kept from all of his beautiful arrangements. I have lots of houndstooth ribbon & bows that I hope to use on a wreath/door hanger for football season. I also have tons of bows & glittered branches that are just waiting to be set out for Christmas!!

 I hit The Dollar Tree just recently and found some little cuties that had just been set out, fresh & new for this Fall...

I also bought a couple of clusters of these florals, and put them in my thrift store find:

I had these candlesticks that I recently spray painted (those are in an upcoming Before & After post), and I so badly wanted to use them. I have seen this idea everywhere...

By the way, Zach hates these. He said they look like the headless horseman. Nice. We got a laugh out of it though. The candlesticks were, of course, another thrift store find.

I don't have a mantel, much to my dismay,
so I work with the space I have.

I used the same door hanger I got for cheap last Fall.
My girl loves to sit at the front door & look out. :)

Our poor little flowers are drying up quickly- I should have cut them out of the picture they look so sad. We need rain so badly! It's no fun for Zach having to run the sprinkler. I would love to have some mums in that pot, but they last for such a short time, so it's not worth it to me. I am planning on setting out some pumpkins & gourds on the front steps again with my little scarecrow (that Zach also doesn't like- ha!)

I hope everyone is having a great week! We're so looking forward to the weekend- first Saturday of Alabama football (Roll Tide Roll!!!), a day on the lake with the jet ski at Zach's dad's, and a trip to Birmingham over the long Labor Day weekend. I see a stop at the Galleria & Stix (sushi & fried rice- my favorites!)
in our near future! :)


  1. I am just so proud of my "crafty" little girl. :)You could however spread a little of that over to your moms house. Love u sweetie

  2. I love that the changing of the seasons inspires decorating and creativity! Thanks for linking up

  3. I like your wreath....I'm featuring it this week on Thrifty Thursday! :)

  4. Love the dollar store wreath, what a great idea about not gluing the leaves on....I will have to try it!
    have a great day,

  5. Awesome tutorial! Thanks so much for the idea! I am so going to head to the dollar store!
    Have a happy week!

  6. It's a simple project that really looks great. Wonderful job!

  7. Love it. this is great tutorial, thanks for sharing

  8. The wreaths came out great. I wouldn't have thought to put them over the mirrors like that, but I love the look. I am a new follower from the Creative Bloggers' Hop. Vicky @

  9. What great ideas, I am a new follower please follow me back at

  10. I love the gold "dusting" on the leaves! And I love them on the mirrors :)


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