Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yard Facelift Update!

This is a quick follow-up post on my Yard Facelift- Part 1 post from back in April. I still hope to post Part 2 some time in the future. My sweetie is still in the thinking & planning phase of that one. He is such a good planner, and wants the border around our mulch beds to be perfect, just as our landscape wall now is. It will be worth the wait when it's done, I know!

I just wanted to share a few pics I took the other day of what the stone wall looks like now, after just two short months of up-keep. My sweetie still tests it out every now & then, just to make sure it can still uphold weight & won't topple. He can walk on the top all the way around, and none of the stones shift.
That's work done right, people. :)

We already had the Nandina bushes there, from when Zach bought the house. He adds new flowers every year, and they are always absolutely beautiful & popping with color. They add so much to our front yard!

Zach has already planted some new grass plugs since I took the above photos, so here is a quick pic to show that progress...

He said it will spread like crazy soon. It's so fresh and green right now! He's been working himself crazy to keep the plugs watered, since we haven't had much rain lately.
(That changed last night though! Yay!)

Also, I wanted to share a pic of our back yard, after its simple transformation. I mentioned back in this post, also posted in April, where Zach began laying out mulch for our back yard. Since he moved in, he had a chain-link fence installed in the back yard, but there were no mulched islands there, only grass and a few trees. So...

...he planned out one big island right off from the deck.

Here is the finished mulched island, complete with my new "J" flag from my recent thrifting trip. It adds a little feminine touch to the yard. :)

And here are two cute babies that happened to make it into the pic...

I also took a picture of the hydrangea I planted from a pick off someone else's plant. I was so surprised at how it easy it was to transplant, and how great it has been doing since!

It adds a lot of color to our back deck.

Hope you all are enjoying your week. I hope to make this weekend a good work weekend around the house. I got into a cleaning mood one night this week, so if I can keep that frame of mind going, I may have the house clean for the weekend.

That, hopefully, means more project time!

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