Monday, July 23, 2012

$1.50 Kitchen Soap Stand- Thanks, Pinterest!

Well, we had a GREAT weekend! Every day had something planned, which I love! We kicked the weekend off right by me & my mom & some great friends of ours going to a play at our local community college. It was wonderful!! It amazes me each time I see a play there just how much talent we have in our little area!

On Saturday, my mom, grandmother & I went shopping, and all three of us found some awesome bargains! I only bought clothes, and we didn't even step foot in their Hob's killing me not getting to go to my favorite store, but I can make it- only one more week to go until August!! On Sunday, church was great as always, and we ended the day by cleaning our front porch, just as we did with our back deck last weekend. The front door, porch railings, columns & spindles are all now sparkling white!

So, for my post (that I am very excited about)...

I guess this little project post will be the first in a series of Pinterest-related posts, entitled Thanks, Pinterest! I have gotten into a habit lately of grabbing up my iPhone right before bed, and ending up wasting an hour (or more) on Pinterest. I go straight to the DIY & Crafts category, and begin drooling at all of the crafty pins. Since the beginning of this little obsession, I have created several new boards, including but not limited to, "Painting", "Mod Podge Love" and "Crafty Ideas".

The pin featured here was one of the first pins that I knew I wanted to re-create...I'm including the original link here. The originating website of the pin is here. Bless this girl for thinking this up, because it is a great idea!

We have always kept our brush, dish soap & hand soap along the rim of our sink. There have been countless times when I have either knocked one or all of these into the sink, and/or come close to making them a victim of the garbage disposal. With this handy-dandy soap stand, I won't have to worry about that anymore. Now they have their own little home, and the sink rim is
now free from clutter!

I actually had this pin in the back of my mind, and while at a thrift store stop one day (before No-Spend July began), I found exactly what I needed for the project...

A tray for $1.00...

...and a candlestick for 50 cents...

 The pin shows to grab up the two items and coat with spray paint (which is the fun part!), then glue them together. I used my E6000 glue for extra strength.

Complete the look with maybe a pretty, colorful dishtowel, and place your dish soap & brush in their new home- you're done!

I can't believe this little handy project only cost $1.50, not including the spray paint & glue I already had. Even if you include those in the cost calculation, it's still totally cheap & totally worth it! No more soap scum build-up on the rim, and no more brushes falling into the sink.

This will be especially handy when we have our new stainless steel sink installed. (I really wanted to wait and post this project until after we installed our new sink, but I couldn't wait any longer!)

A quick Before & After...



I think it looks great with a dishtowel to add color too...

 ...but I like it better without...

Stay tuned (possibly tomorrow), because I have a soup recipe that I tried over the weekend to share, and it's a good one!


  1. Oh what a great idea! Perfect for keeping those things up out of the way of the sink!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. LOVE! Perfect and affordable. How awesome is that? Please link it up at

  3. This is AWESOME!!!! Love it! I also love taking "junk" with "good bones" and giving it new life! :D


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