Monday, July 18, 2011

New Garage Door!

I know this is not very exciting for you all, but it is for us! I try to keep in mind that I don't just post on this blog for anyone reading it, I post for us too. This is our little online scrapbook, and I enjoy looking back at older posts when I have the time. I would forget all of our little memories along the way
if I didn't have them recorded.

Anyway, we have had the original garage door on our home since Zach moved in in August of 2007- almost 4 years ago, wow! After sustaining a couple of small hits (ok, one of those was by me...but the other one was Zach...and, just for the record, he hit it a lot harder than I did), it has not held up very nicely. It wasn't in the best of shape before the incidents though, just sayin'. :)

About a month ago, we had a repair man fix it (this was the second repair, I believe, since we bought the house). He told us it would only be temporary, as we could expect it to go at any time. That little sucker held on longer than we thought it would, poor thing. A couple of weeks ago, Zach called me at work to inform me it had given up the ghost. Time for a new one!

My thoughts: Yay and Eww. "Yay" because it would be nice to have a better garage door- better looking and better functioning. "Eww" because it's not free. But what is?? Atleast this is something pretty to look at, and a definite upgrade to our home. When we thought we were going to have to purchase a new heat pump a month ago, I wasn't excited at all. Heat pumps aren't pretty to look at. I will probably stare at this brand new, pretty garage door, though, every time I pull up in the driveway, atleast for a while until the new wears off.

Now, my favorite part...The Before & After!



Wow, what a change, huh? We love it!!

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  1. A great change I guess :). This is totally a transformation, and I just want to say that 4 years it’s not bad at all compared to all the other garage doors that only lasted for 2 to 3 years. You should be proud of your garage door. Haha. So, how’s your garage door now? Is it being maintained and fixed from time to time? Is it still an “Eww” or “Yay?”


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