Monday, July 11, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

I had good intentions to have a work weekend around the house, but it turned out to be anything but. Instead of posting pics of the projects I was planning to start & finish up this weekend, I'm posting pics of my lazy weekend. In other words, this will probably be a boring post, because my weekend was, well, boring. Good, but boring. I did absolutely nothing on Saturday. I mean NOTHING. And I loved it! I don't usually have the chance to sit in front of the TV and do nothing else, so it was nice. Sunday made up for it though- I crammed all of our laundry, cleaning, cooking, and a Wal-Mart trip into the one day, but it was well worth it. 

By the way, No-Spend July has kicked off without a hitch. We went to Birmingham over the long weekend last week, and I did not buy a thing. I even went to LOFT to get a gift card for Zach's sister's birthday, and resisted. Now that's willpower, people. It actually felt good to go into a store- one of my favorites, nonetheless- and NOT buy anything. Still haven't decided if it feels better than actually buying something (I'm thinking no), but it was still a great feeling. I am saving money, and getting things done at the same time. I am also trying to go through my closets- yes, closetS, ugh- and weed things out. I did this once already a few months ago to find stuff for our yard sale (which will hopefully be happening in August- come visit me!), but I'm doing it again, because I need to. I still have clothes with the tags attached that need to be either worn or sold. I'm getting it done, slowly but surely.

So, just to make my weekend seem a little more interesting, I did have a few photos to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did my lazy weekend. :)

This was my view for just about the entire day Saturday. Yep, Supernanny's on the TV. Love that show! Daisy was my cuddle buddy, of course...

Sweet little girl :)

I made another batch of Frosty ice cream on Sunday. So many of my "faithful followers" have told me they have either tried or are going to try this recipe. So glad I could share a good recipe with you guys! (You're welcome, Sheena & Terry!) :)


The Wal-Mart trip was a little rough. I found something I've been looking for for a while now, and it was for a great price.
But, again, I resisted. 

When I got home, just to make it worse on myself, I looked up what others they had on Wal-Mart Mobile. I found these cuties:

A while back, I had found some really pretty, colorful ones at Pottery Barn, but I hated the price, especially as little as they'll be used. We really need some color on the deck too, but I couldn't get over this animal print! How lovely would two of each of these be on our deck? Ugh, August- hurry up!! Not that I'm going to go "hog-wild," as Zach tells me, when this No-Spend thing is over with, but I hope to get something out of this little experiment. I hope to realize what I actually need versus what I want. Most of the things I really want right now will (hopefully) be forgotten about when this month is over. I am seeing that I can do without a lot of things that I used to think I "needed." Who knows, I might just keep this thing going a little longer than the month of July...

but those CUTE, CHEAP animal print pillows are calling my name..., maybe not. :)

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  1. Love this post. And I'm still very impressed with the self-restraint you've practiced so far with the no spending. This is something I'm needing to work on as well *sigh* Everytime I read your blog it makes me miss seeing you in person!


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