Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baked Squash Recipe

No-Spend July is chugging right along, my friends. I am truly proud of myself, and I've learned a little something. All those things you think you can't live without...well, you can. I have already forgotten what some of the things were that at one time ran through my mind this month. I thought, "Ooh, I'll get that next month." Well, I can't remember what "that" was. Nice. It really makes me realize how unimportant little purchases are. I already have too much- I don't need anymore. (I need to keep checking back at this post and re-reading that to myself, especially when August rolls around, right?) :)

The recipe...This is super-easy! A friend of mine asked for this "recipe," if you can even call it that, so I thought I would post. It's not technical at all- it's best to just add ingredients to taste/look/feel. My mom has been making this for years, but I tried it myself for the first time last week. It was so easy and quick- I wished I would have been fixing it all this time. Zach is not a squash fan, though, so I guess that's why. Here it is:

Baked Squash

-Amount of squash for amount of people (sounds technical, doesn't it?) I would say about 3 or so squash per person, as long as you're cooking other veggies to go with it.

-Few slices of butter (again, technical). You can see from the picture (even though it's a little dark), I put one slice on each side & two slices in the middle, just enough to even out.

-Onion flakes (couple of teaspoons)

-Garlic salt (a couple of shakes)

Cook in microwave in increments of 5 minutes. Stir after each. I cooked mine a total of 15 minutes. Cook until squash is tender throughout.


Another version you can try is more of an easy squash casserole version:

-Use all ingredients as listed above, but add shredded cheese (enough to cover top) and buttered bread crumbs

-Bake in oven, 350 degrees, until browned on top

This just takes a little longer, but the cheese adds a lot to it! You could also add cheese to the first recipe and still cook in microwave (that's what I did). Just don't cook the bread crumbs in the microwave- they will be too gooey and chewy.

And, just to brag on myself, I'm including a pic of our dinner I cooked last Friday night. I am trying to cook dinner for us more often, mainly because of the convenience & deliciousness of it, but the bonus is the cheaper price! I worked all day, came home, and cooked this up. It made me feel like I had accomplished something. Kudos to you mommies, especially mommies with full-time jobs (including you stay-at-home mommies too), that do this every single day. Not to mention, I was just cooking for two!

Fried chicken fingers, garlic mashed potatoes, corn &
baked squash. Yumm-o!


  1. Everything looks so yummy! Part of me feels weird or guilty when I don't cook dinner because I feel like the norm is that I'm supposed to "cook dinner every night" but I've sadly realized that hasn't been the case or isn't as convenient as I thought it to be. It's good to know that I'm not the only one that doesn't cook every night but is still someone that I would consider a VERY EXCELLENT homemaker :) I think you are awesome!

  2. I'm so honored that you chose to join the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you for adding this special masterpiece to rock my party :)


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