Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Let Them Eat Cake!"

Cheesy post title, I know... Sorry.... Just wanted to take a minute and brag on my best friend, Anna. I posted these pictures on my FB page, but also wanted to share them on here for those of you that don't get on Facebook. I cannot get over these cute, unique cake designs! Zebra print, monogramming and cake-
three of my favorite things!

I had posted once before a picture of my birthday cake she made for me this past January, but I'll post it again, just because I love it so much! :)

I just can't get over these!!! Is she not so incredibly talented??

Her birthday is tomorrow, so I'm wondering if she'll bake & decorate something nice for herself.
Happy Birthday, Anna, if you're reading this! :)

Also, here is her website: Check it out!!

Little update on life lately at the Jones household:

-I hit a deer last night on my way home from dinner at Mom's. It was so weird, because I could see it coming, and couldn't do a thing about it. It hit me on my driver's side, around the front part of the bumper on that side and all down the driver's side door. The door makes a gosh-awful noise when I open it now. Oh well- it could always be worse. To make it a little better, I don't think I even killed the deer! There was no blood, and I never saw it again after that. I go by it every day, and didn't see any sign of it on the side of the road this morning on my way to work. Good thing is- I have connections with my awesome insurance carrier. :)

-Zach has been so incredibly busy with work lately. Yay! I'm so proud of him!! He is going to start offering iPhone app services, and has been learning all about it lately, so he can be on top of the game. He has already created one for Camp Laney- go check it out, it's on iTunes, under Camp Laney, and it's free! He's so smart, and I hope he knows every day how proud I am of him!

All is great right now. We're hoping to have another relaxing weekend, possibly including a night out with friends- much-needed! I hope to post soon on some projects that will hopefully be done by this weekend...we'll see. I also have a yummy recipe to share! Hope everyone is having a great week!

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