Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Angels

I wanted to post a link to an article from our local paper about our church and our Christmas Angels program that we do every year. I, as well as anyone else, love this program and how it gives us the opportunity to help others in need during the Christmas season. I recommend participating in this, if at all possible, to experience the real meaning of Christmas. This year seems different than others before, the cause more than likely being the hardships our local economy has faced and is still facing. So many people this year are without the jobs that they had the year before. So many others are in need this year than years before. Thanksgiving and Christmas are opportune times to realize how much we all have and to give back to others. Who knows, someday it may be us who are in need. As quoted by Mrs. Doris in the article, “It’s neat how God uses our hearts to take care of these folks,” Elliott said. “Even though we have more angels and more food needed, it’s going to be OK. It really is true how the Lord takes care of us. People do come through.”

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  1. By the way, this is not to brag on our church for doing the program- just to remind everyone to be aware of others in need during the Christmas season! :)


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