Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Session + Two Dogs = Fun, Fun!!

Last year, I used one of our wedding photos on our Christmas card-- simple and quick. This year, I wanted to do something different and include our dogs in the picture-- not so simple and quick. :)

I had planned a few weeks ago to set aside part of an afternoon and get our little family together for pictures. It was Zach's idea to take it in front of our Christmas tree (which I loved!), so we waited until this Sunday when we had the tree decorated and were already fixed up from church that morning. I think Zach had been dreading this for days, since I wanted to include both of our dogs, Cosmo and Daisy, in the photo. Daisy is usually a little hyper when Cos is around, so we didn't really know how this was going to work. We took some 30-50 photos of us sitting in front of our Christmas tree with our two babies. I posted a few "blooper" photos to enjoy. Poor Zach pretty much gave up on the last few and walked away. I also included the only two really good ones. The first one is the one we ended up using for our Christmas card. I actually liked the second one better, but Daisy wasn't looking at the camera. Thank goodness for Zach's camera and tripod, or this would have never worked. We decided that if we were going to include them in the Christmas card photo next year, we would have to have a third party to man the camera. However, it was pretty entertaining watching Zach race from his spot with Cosmo in the floor to the camera and then back, all while I was holding Daisy and trying to keep Cosmo in place. All-in-all, it was a funny experience and I can't wait to get the cards back! I hope they turn out well!!


  1. I love the first photos of the four of you; your Christmas card should be beautiful.
    Your tree is gorgeous again this year; the colors of your rooms really complement the season.

  2. Thanks so much! I really do love the red at Christmas time!! All credit goes to Zach for the tree! :) Our cards should go out in the mail tomorrow (I hope!)


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