Monday, November 9, 2009

Pray for the Martin Twins!

I am a member of a group on Facebook that was formed to keep  followers up-to-date on a certain couple's story. The girl actually went to school in Fort Payne many years back, so many people from Fort Payne around our age are members of that group and are trying to get the word out to people about their story so prayers will be sent up! A basic background of the story is that she started their blog when she found out she was pregnant. She had their little twin baby boys very early at 24 weeks, and both had complications from the beginning and are still suffering from those complications. They have both already had to go through blood tranfusions, surgery, and are still hooked up to countless tubes. The mother, Laura, did post yesterday that she finally got to hold one of her sons!

I cannot imagine having a baby, much less two babies, with so many problems just in their first few days of life. So many women have their baby(ies) and get to hold them immediately. With this mother, that privelege wasn't possible. A few days later, babies get to come home from the hospital and the rest is history. With these parents, they have had to go home from the hospital without their baby boys--which is unimaginable to me! In their blog, they mention how they talk a lot about finally getting to bring their sons home, their first day of school, the boys getting married, etc. I know all moms and dads think about and discuss things like this about their children, but in this situation, it just seems so bittersweet.

I encourage you to either read some of this blog if you have the time or just say a prayer for this sweet family. I read most of this blog today and had tears well up in my eyes while sitting at my desk. It is incredible the faith and positive attitudes this new mother and father have!! Please pray for the twins, that they both continue to strengthen and are able to come home soon, and for the new parents as they deal with this difficult situation mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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