Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween '09

Sadly, we didn't even plan for any trick-or-treaters on Halloween night, because of us still being sick. We had some family friends who were planning on coming to visit with their kids, but we had to cancel it for this year. Daisy didn't have a costume this year (which Zach was happy about), but she did have her Halloween shirt from Old Navy. I bought this about two months ago and was so excited about it, then ended up not even putting it on her on Halloween night! I'm a bad mother, I know! (I think I had a perfectly good excuse though! Next year, I will try to do better.) I did manage to put it on her a few days after though and I got some cute pics of her. Next year, I think I'll break down and buy her a costume, much to Zach's dismay.


  1. The pictures of little Daisy are so cute and we are really looking forward to coming and hearing you sing again this year in the Christmas progam at your church. That's the one time a year I don't mind missing mine to come and be with you and Zach and hear the music. We love you two and are glad your feeling better. Love Mom

  2. Daisy does look so cute with her Halloween sweater :-) !
    I hope you feel 100% very soon and can come visit me. Try to get some rest over the weekend.
    Love you,
    Mom (H)


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