Monday, December 21, 2009

A Spiritual Christmas Experience

Yesterday was such a great day!! Our service yesterday morning was wonderful as always, followed by our choir luncheon at The Summit. We then had rehearsals that afternoon and our chorale program that night, followed by another trip to The Summit for our Sunday School class Christmas party. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life than I did at that party! Three words: "White Elephant" gifts. These being anything of little value in your house that you don't like or would like to get rid of. Let me just say we were able to get rid of a real prize and scored a curved neck massager pillow in return. We ended the night with some of us, Zach included, playing pool downstairs, and the rest of us enjoying karaoke. It was such a fun night!

At our luncheon our SS teacher, Bob Johnston, mentioned something that really stuck in my mind throughout the day. Before our prayer, he said that he really hopes we will all take time to get away during this busy week, if even for just a few minutes, and have a true spiritual experience with God. He encouraged us to seek out the real meaning of Christmas, especially in spending time with family and friends. Christmas would mean a lot more if we would all do this. Even though it may seem like we have no time left for anything else, we should make time for this. I hope this stays with me during this Christmas week.

I had a great time spending most of the day with our choir. Our performance went off without a hitch and so many people have commented on how they enjoyed it so much. For me, I have never been happier than when I looked out in the congregation and saw an entire pew filled with my wonderful family!! My mom, dad and Mamaw Ruth came, as they did last year, and were joined by my brother and his sweet girlfriend Amanda, my Mamaw Helen and Papaw Hoyt, and my sweet, supportive husband and father-in-law. Zach's Grandma was also planning to be there, but didn't feel well that afternoon. I was so glad that we could all enjoy the night together!

Our quartet sang "O Holy Night," my favorite Christmas song, and I know it was all God helping me through it! Our mixed ensemble had everyone smiling with our rendition of "Variations of Jingle Bells." As soloist, Susan Downey outshined us all, as always! I really hope to obtain a copy of either the entire program or atleast one or two of the ensembles I was a part of. If so, I will try to post a clip here. Thank you so much to all the people who have helped with our awesome choir and for the sweet compliments and all the continued encouragement! I feel so blessed to be able to give this gift back to God!


  1. We really enjoyed your music this year, even more than last year. We are so proud of you and the fact that you are using your talents in the right way. We will always be there to support you no matter how old you are. I'm just glad that we are so close and can spend this time with each other. We are very proud of both of you and love you. Mom and Dad

  2. I am sure the program was wonderful. I hate that I missed it. I ended up being a little under the weather on Sunday and did not even make it to church in the morning.
    We are all looking forward to dinner at your home tomorrow night...I cannot wait!
    Love you,

  3. Aww, thank you all so much! I love you!!

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