Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Light Snow- 12/05/09

We had a light snow on the morning of 12/05/09. It was on a Saturday, and Zach woke me up early so I could see the snow. :) I got out of the bed and opened the blinds in our bedroom to see a light blanket of snow in our yard. It only stayed on the ground for a couple of hours early that morning, so I'm glad that he woke me up to see. I posted a couple of photos Zach took- the first one of Cosmo and the second one of a little birdhouse in our backyard. Daisy isn't in the photos, because she would NOT go out in the yard. He said she acted a little afraid of the snow. When you think about it, it would be a little strange to see a blanket of white all over the usually green yard, if you're not aware of what it is. She came out onto the deck for just a minute, so he was able to get a cute pic of their little paw prints together, shown in the third photo.

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