Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aunt Renea is Home!!!

If you haven't heard me talk about her before, my "Aunt" Renea is Mom's best friend since elementary school. They've been close friends ever since, and naturally, we have always called her Aunt, especially since we never had the privelege of knowing our uncle and she has never had children of her own. She's only lived in FP for a short time throughout the years, moving to New Jersey, Colorado, and most recently Pennsylvania. Just a few months ago, she finally made the move back to FP! We're very excited to finally have her here--and permanently!! :)

Last night, she went to dinner with all of us (minus Jonathan's girlfriend, Amanda.) **Sidenote: Speaking of Jon & Amanda, I think I failed to mention in my Christmas posts on here that Jonathan gave her a promise ring for Christmas!! To quote Ron Burgundy ("Anchorman"), that's "kind of a big deal!" :) I'm so happy for them!! Anyways, we went to dinner at the famous Don Chico's. It really is famous--Aunt Renea has heard all about it from so many people since she moved back. After dinner, we went to our house to exchange gifts. We had such a great time getting to visit with her. It's good to have family closer!!

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