Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Festivus!

Let me start by saying that the 23rd was an awesome day for me, thanks to my sweet husband! I got home from work that afternoon and was already in a rush because we had Zach's family coming over for dinner. I just had a lot of little things to get done before everyone arrived. He met me at the laundry room door when I came in from the garage and told me that my Christmas present had come in that day. I said something like, "That's great! Now, I have to get busy." He went on to tell me that he HAD to give it to me then. I was a little frustrated already, just because I had a lot to do and he was wanting to give me my gift at a "bad time," it seemed like to me. He told me to close my eyes, then he led me into our living room. When I opened my eyes, I saw my piano sitting in the living room!! During the day, he had moved my piano from parents' house to ours (with the help of my sweet dad and brother!), cleaned it, and was having it tuned for me! I was so happy and appreciated his thoughtfulness so much that I cried! Needless to say, he outdid himself with my Christmas gift this year!!!

Later that night, we had Zach's family over for our "Festivus" dinner. We started this little tradition last year, and everyone enjoyed it so much that we decided to have it again. We veer away from the traditional and grill bacon-wrapped shrimp and fish for dinner. We don't perform any of the actual "Festivus" events from the Seinfeld episode, but it falls on the same day and it's definitely a good excuse to cook and have family over.

Zach took a lot of photos with his camera. He has been experimenting a lot lately with his camera. He's getting a new camera for himself for Christmas and probably will be selling his old one. As great as the photos turn out on his current camera, I've considered buying it myself! :) If it weren't for being content with the good quality of my pictures and the convenience of my Sony point-and-shoot, I probably would! I can't really carry his bigger camera in a handbag though, so that wouldn't work well for me.

The first one shows Ella enjoying my Christmas present. :) I realized when I was browsing through his photos that he hadn't even taken any of us. He also didn't take any earlier that night when he gave me my present, just because he was too focused on working everything out. Oh well, it was worth it!


  1. We all certainly enjoyed the second annual Festivus celebration. As usual, everything looked beautiful and the meal was delicious.
    I think Ella had the best time of all, especially with the piano to play and all the attention from her family.
    Love you,

  2. Thank you!! I'm glad she got to enjoy it! I'm going to buy new sheet music soon so I can enjoy it even more!


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