Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Terry & Sheena's Shindig!- 5/12/12

I just had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time! I got to witness my sweet friend get married to her soulmate, I got to spend time with my sweetie, mom & brother, I enjoyed church, and we got to visit with Zach's mom & sister. I had no time whatsoever to get much done at the house- besides the mandatory laundry that I couldn't escape- but it was so worth it.

We headed out on Friday night, after leaving work early, and traveled to Lake Guntersville where we ran through the wedding rehearsal. We then enjoyed a yummy rehearsal dinner and got the chance to meet & get to know some great people.

The wedding day was wonderful! I am hoping that it was perfect in the bride's eyes, too, because it was to all of us. The rain held off until they were pronounced husband & wife, and I think everyone made it in to the reception in the lodge
before it really started raining.

I had to include some of my favorite shots over the weekend. Cameras were constantly snapping, so I may even post more as the week goes by. I am happy to have gotten to know several of Sheena & Terry's friends- Zach even made a good friend at the rehearsal dinner- and I know they'll have some pics to share. 

The view

The lodge

Me & Sheen at the rehearsal dinner... yes, I'm very pale :)

Me & my sweetie at the rehearsal dinner

Rachel, Lindsey, me & Kerri...new friends!

Me & my momma :)

Me & Zach at the wedding...he is SO handsome!!

LOVE this sign! Sheena made so many of these herself,
and they're all beautiful!

The bride's cake...LOVE!

Terry's (groom's) cake...Love it! That's him sitting in his recliner. :)

Little crafty Sheena made this!

The reception setting was wonderful! Gorgeous flowers everywhere!

First dance as husband and wife :)

Getting the garter

Terry dancing with the precious little flower girl, Nola

I am so honored to have been a part of this special day for Terry & Sheena. It was such a fun weekend, catching up with old friends
& making new ones.

On Sunday after church, we headed to Chatt to take Zach's mom out for Mother's Day. We enjoyed a nice lunch, then visited and laughed with her & Zach's sister. Speaking of, take a moment & say a little prayer for his sister as she is recovering from surgery.

On Monday night, me, Zach & Jon took my mom out for Mother's Day. Our weekend was so jam-packed, we could only fit so much into it. She did go to the wedding, though, so we got to spend some time with her there. I was so glad she got to be there! We enjoyed a great dinner on Monday & a little shopping. FYI, Monday is always a great day to plan a night out- it eases the transition from the weekend into the workweek.

Zach's best friend is in town this week, so we all know where Zach will be. That means I won't see him as much, but I'm so glad he gets to spend time with friends.

Busy days are hectic, but it also means we are blessed to have a lot going on. It means we have jobs to fill our days, and it means we have great families & wonderful friends to fill those nights
& weekends...

Yep, house cleaning can wait. :)

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