Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunny "Dais"

Just wanted to share a few pictures of my Daisy girl. :)

A lot of times in the Spring & Summer when Zach is home, he likes to leave the back door to the deck cracked a little so the babies can go in & out as they want. Can I just say that we have really gotten our money's worth on the fence in our back yard?? No matter how much more that thing would have cost, I think we would pay it all over again. It's especially nice to have in the winter when it's too cold for us to go out with the doggies.

When we're both home & the back door is cracked, my girl will go missing a lot of times. I love to go outside & look for her... and nine times out of ten, she will be laying out on the bench or on the deck, basking in the sun...

My girl working on her tan :)

I love this one of her!...

...so, I Instagrammed it (sorry, Zach)...

... I also couldn't resist the black & white...

Oh, and she'll usually bring an assortment of toys outside with her too...

We love our little Daisy girl! Her & Cosmo make our life so much more fun. They are our best buddies. They bring a smile to our faces every single day, and we are really enjoying the time we have with them right now.

I will hopefully be making a Cosmo post soon. We're going to schedule his annual Summer cut in the next week,
so he'll look so cute!!

I hope you all enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend! I am hoping to get a little rest in, a little family time & project time, and a little grilling out & shopping wouldn't hurt either. We are still tossing around ideas on what we'll do with all of our time. And if that ends up being nothing, I'll be happy with that too. :)


  1. Hi!! I am a new follower from The Pink Hippo Under 300 Followers Blog Hop!! I love your post on painting letter. I have a gold R from Hobby Lobby and I havent thought about painting!! Nice to meet you!

    Tara @ therapy4roses.blogspot.com

  2. Hello great post cute dog too. found you on under 300 blog hop. hope to see you soon. will pop by again. hope your numbers increase many!!


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