Monday, December 12, 2011

Greenery Monogram

Ok, let me start by bragging right quick! Our children's choirs did wonderfully last night!! Miracle on Main Street was perfect- everyone knew their lines & sang beautifully! It is so rewarding to watch the final performance, and see how everything (miraculously) comes together! Ok, bragging over... :)

This post is on one of the projects that I actually finished a while back, but as I said in an earlier post, I wanted to wait to post about until after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is too important of a holiday to always be getting "skipped over." I know that Christmas is so close, it's hard not to want to drag out the decorations & talk about it all the time, but I love to focus on Thanksgiving first.

This is such a simple project. I guess you could say I "stole" this idea from Ballard Designs. They have two similar designs of this. I included the links here and here. But, I have also seen a few pics on Pinterest with this same idea.

However, mine is a whole lot cheaper than the BD version,
and I love that! I started with the "J" monogram that I covered with my dining room fabric a while back. You can visit that post here. I bought one strand of garland at Dollar General for $2.
I was hoping one would be all it took.

I just started on the top end, and began wrapping around the "J".

I actually struggled with the garland a little, because I got to the very tip of "J" where it curves at the bottom, and ran out of the garland. I just knew this was going to happen, so I just relaxed & started working backwards, spreading the garland out a little more. Some of the red in the fabric shows through a little at some points, but I actually like it. It needs a little color mixed in.

And here it is, hung up on our back door. Not too shabby for what began as a cheap thrift store find.

Ok, so I didn't like the look of this. Ha! I had some of my mesh wide ribbon leftover (which I still can't believe), and I love this stuff so much, so I used it to "spruce" it up a bit...

Yes! That was it!

And, this is its second use, since I had once had it hanging on my china cabinet. I'll include a link to that post here. I love going back & looking at old posts. :)

I also wanted to include a pic of something new I've added this year to our Christmas decor. I have also hung greenery from our china cabinet, as we use it for our stockings, since we have no fireplace. I also added two little stockings for our doggies, which I should have done forever ago. I added lights the other night, just to add to it (and sorry about the blurry camera, new camera, new camera!)...

I already had these big bows on the mirrors, but added these sprigs from Dollar Tree. They add so much for so, so little!

I hope everyone is enjoying this season as much as I am! It has been incredibly busy, and this coming week will be even busier. If you're close by, come to First Baptist of FP this Sunday night at 6:00 PM. Our choir is performing our Christmas concert, and you will not be disappointed!! Oh, I love it!!!


  1. I think you should brag, what's wrong with sharing something that brought you joy and pride. I'm glad the choir event went so well. BD knockoff monogram is lovely, and the red ribbon was exactly what it needed. Love how you used the top of the hutch for a mantel. That's pretty cool! Thanks for joining in on Sunday's Best and sharing your choir joy and holiday creativity with us.

  2. I love the way the letter looks with the greenery! Great job!


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