Monday, December 19, 2011

"The Rose Suchak Ladder"

I hope you got the post title! If not, it's from The Santa Clause, one of our favorite Christmas movies.

This idea is from a site that I don't frequent, but found a link for it on another site that I's the link, if you're interested. Her version of a ladder is bigger than what I have,
but I love mine just the same!

This little ladder was used at Mom & Dad's house for years & years & years. I remember it leaning against the Christmas tree
every year.

Not too long ago, I was helping Mom clean out stuff in a closet, and found the ladder. She hadn't used it in a few years, because her main living room is now burgundy. The red clashed terribly. So, I took it home with me. :)

All I did for its first year in my house was tape (some of )
our Christmas cards to it, and that's it!

I love finding creative new ideas for displaying our cards! Last year, I had attached them to our laundry room door in a Christmas tree shape, but my sweet Papaw primed & painted that door for us recently, so taping anything to it is a big fat NO.

I love that I can re-use this little piece of my childhood. Things like this mean so much more than using any sparkling,
brand new item from the store.

Things are going well- we're both just incredibly busy. I am trying my best not to get down about the season. Our pastor preached a sermon a couple of weeks ago about slowing down & not getting stressed out during the holidays. Not just that for us this year, but lately, feeling sad about this Christmas has been all too easy. We're making it though.

One big thing that I was a little anxious about was our choir Christmas concert that was last night. It was absolutely beautiful! I told Zach that day is probably my most favorite one of the year. I love getting to sing all day, and having our choir luncheon at The Summit every year. It's just so much fun all wrapped up
in one day.

The music was almost all traditional, which I love! I was in our echo choir, and we sang one song from the balcony. Beautiful! We had a great crowd, as we always do, and a lot of my family attended. There was still a big gaping hole though.

And there always will be.

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