Thursday, December 29, 2011

Deco Mesh Love

I LOVE deco mesh!!! This stuff is so incredibly easy to work with, and it goes such a long way! Not to mention, it is bea-u-tiful!
I bought just two rolls of the stuff from Wal-Mart earlier in November, and it has made so many bows
(which were SO much easier to make than I ever thought),
with a little left for other things too.

I have decorated our front porch handrails for a few years now with greenery & lights, but the deco mesh has added such a pretty pop of color this year. I took these with my new camera & love how they turned out! Not as well as they would have with hubby's camera, mind you, but it gets the job done for me! My new camera has definitely surpassed the skills of my previous one, and I could tell that from the first picture I took with it!

Here's our Disney tree that's in our master bedroom. I'm so glad we now have a tree in a front window this year!

I even had a little left over, so I used some on the little trees. You definitely don't have to have a degree in design to use this stuff.
It adds so much, just by whirling it around.

I love the bows added to our light fixtures too!

Not even the mailbox was spared in the deco mesh madness...

And here's our beautiful, all-natural wreath that my Zach
picked out.

I'll include a pic from a previous post too. This shows one of the two bows I used on my mirrors in our dining area this year. They both came from arrangements of my Dad's. I just added a few sprigs of glittery picks from the Dollar Tree on each one,
and they were done.

I will definitely be looking around for more of this awesome stuff to use throughout the year. I'm thinking like colors for all of the holidays. Only kidding- I know Zach would just love that! :)


  1. Your mesh ideas are so cute. Glad I found you. I'm a new follower, stop by anytime and follow along if you like. Warm wishes, Lori

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for joining us at the Creative Bloggers' party & Hop :)


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