Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Disney Christmas Tree!

If you can't go to Walt Disney World, bring Walt Disney World to you!...This is what I'm telling my husband anyway.
And plus, it's a lot cheaper that way! :)

It all started back on our trip to Disney this past September for our 3rd Anniversary. We made the mistake of going into a Christmas store while there. Christmas time has always been my most favorite time of year (hard to believe, right?), so I just loved it because that particular store was nothing but Christmas. Zach was enamored, on the other hand, only because everything in it had to do with Disney. Two of our favorite things- all wrapped up in one store. Needless to say, everything we saw and/or picked up, we loved. BUT, instead of spending the insane amounts of money that those little ornaments & objects had attached to them, I decided to try my hand at making some myself.

Here goes...

Mickey Ornaments

I studied the little Mickey Mouse ornaments while at the Disney store, and thought I could easily replicate them on my own. I went to the wonderful Dollar Tree and scored a pack of small ornaments (for the ears) and a pack of larger ones (for the heads). A lot of hot glue- and a few hot glue burns- later, and I had these:

I then went right back to the store the next day, and got a few more packs of ornaments. I knew I wanted some red...

It was a little tricky getting the "ears" to stay still while the glue dried, but it was so worth it. How adorable did these turn out?!

I scored my tree at Dollar General. I think it was around 20 bucks, and I bought it in mid-October. I know that sounds a little crazy- I should have bought it in an after-Christmas sale, which is the perfect time to buy Christmas stuff at a cheaper price. But, I saw it there in October, and knew it was exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to wait until I needed it, and the stores be sold out. I know it's not the best quality tree out there, but I only wanted a simple artificial one for our bedroom. I actually bought a smaller one, got it home to find it really wasn't big enough, then went back & exchanged it for a bigger one. Go big or go home, right? It is now right in front of one of the windows in our master bedroom, so I can open up the blinds & have the lights showing. We've never had this before, just because our main, big tree is always in our living room, nowhere near a window. Our house has probably looked a little sad the past few years, with no tree lights shining through the windows.

But, that has all changed this year. :)

During other dollar store trips, I also scored some beautiful ribbon (4 rolls for $1 a roll). I knew I wanted some lime green. I had never done lime green with red on our main tree, so I knew I wanted it on this one! This was our "fun" tree.
Whatever we wanted, we did.

Here is a pic of it right after it went up (early November...couldn't wait!) It's changed a little since then...

I got the gold star at the thrift store for $1. And I've already changed it since then... :)

I'm absolutely in love with the ribbon...

 We have since then added more ornaments, along with changing out the star...

Silhouette Ornaments

I had another idea for more ornaments, only because I stumbled up on some glitter foam sheets while at the Dollar Tree. I knew I could use these as back-up for the Mickey ears, if the smaller ornaments didn't work out. But, since they did, I plan on using the glitter foam sheets to make silhouettes of other Disney characters- particularly, our favorites. And after looking at Disney's website (where ornaments were 2 for $18 on sale-- ha, I think not!), and on eBay (a little cheaper, but still not what I wanted for the price), I was so glad I decided to make my own.

I actually don't have a pic of these, because they are yet to be made. But, it's on our (quite lengthy) to-do list!!

Disney Princess Ornaments

I also knew I wanted some "girly" ornaments for our tree. I had been perusing yet another dollar store in the toy section, and happened to find these little figurines...

These were perfect, and $1 each! They only had 4 of the princesses, so I grabbed up one of each. A little dab of hot glue & a pretty gold ornament loop, and they were done. I just love them!

I also found these little ornaments at the same dollar store.
Bonus- these were filled with candy!

Here's the new star. I love it much more than the gold! You can also see the sparkly silver picks I added to the tree later on. They were from one of Dad's arrangements, which I'm so happy I get to re-use. For the tree skirt, I repurposed (one of my favorite things to do) and used some leftover fabric from our dining room chairs. Easy and free!

Hope you enjoyed our Disney tree! Here's to a magical Christmas!


  1. Your tree turned out beautiful! Love the red and gold ribbon swirling down. Those little Mickey ornaments are adorable. Great job! Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best =)

  2. Love that you used a theme for your tree. The Mickey Mouse ornaments are adorable. I'll have to take a second look at the trim at the dollar store cause your tree is beautiful, and love how it drapes down. I also liked how you added some "girly" touches. You tree is really lovely. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best.

  3. I think I like the home made mickey ornaments even better than if they had been store bought because they match so well with the tree!


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