Thursday, December 8, 2011

O, Christmas Tree!

I can't help but make a quick post about our Christmas tree. This is mostly for me & Zach, just so we can look back every year on our different trees. This is our main tree in our living room. We have always had just the one real tree, but I put up a second artificial one, our Disney tree, in our bedroom this year (see previous post). I also have one other artificial tree that I keep trying to find a place for. I think Zach's home office is going to be its new home- I just have to make room for it first. :)

I'm really focused on decorating this year. Not so much on anything else Christmas-related- except our church choir music- but, I can't help but get excited about spreading a little Christmas throughout the house. Christmas music is just not the same this year because of Dad not being here. All the stupid cheesy songs get to me now. However, I will share this positive note... Our choir was rehearsing for our Christmas concert last night, and we came to an excerpt of "O Come All Ye Faithful." Here's the line:

"Sing, choirs of angels. Sing in exultation.
Sing, all ye citizens of Heav'n above..."

Wow. That made me stop & smile. The vast citizenship of Heaven, which my sweet Dad is now a part of. Just picture that scene in your mind. It should bring a smile to your face too. :)

So, one night last week, I came home from work and Zach & I had the exact same idea. We had both suggested watching A Christmas Carol- last year's version with Jim Carrey. If you haven't seen this, you're missing out. We watched it with nothing but the glow of the lights on the tree lighting the room. Ah, it was so nice. I encourage you to enjoy the small, simple moments like that this Christmas, and every day for that matter. It's those moments that you'll remember later on. I promise you that.

Now, our tree, compliments of my sweet husband. He did such a great job!! My only contribution was the cascading ribbon trails.

(Also, as a sidenote- I have heard from Mr. Claus that I already know I'll be getting a new camera this year, so this blog will hopefully be looking a lot better in a few weeks.
Bear with me for now!)

Lights off...

Lights on (which totally takes away the awe, but it shows more detail). Some of these ornaments are from our first Christmas as a married couple...

 The last one is the little reindeer my Papaw made for us. He actually made a little business out of it one year & sold a ton of them. So talented! :)

I think this is our biggest, prettiest tree yet, but I'm a bit biased. My sweetie always does a great job picking them out & bringing them home...and putting them up. I'm always out shopping while he does this, since it's on Black Friday. Priorities, right?

Little quick update on life lately...

Zach has been extremely busy with work (and a big project that I will announce on here soon! ah!!), and so have I. As I mentioned earlier, our choir's Christmas concert is coming up in two weeks (unbelievable!), and this coming Sunday is our children's choirs' Christmas drama/musical. They have worked so hard,
and it is such a cute program!

And, even though I still have some names not marked off of my Christmas gift list, and I'm a little emotional this Christmas (poor Zach for putting up with me), I am still loving
this busy time of year!

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