Thursday, June 9, 2011

Putting Them In Their Place...

...Things, that is- not people.
Although, sometimes you have to do that too.

I took a night off from choir rehearsal last night (my throat is a little scratchy from sinuses, and honestly, I really just wanted a break from it), and Zach ended up playing basketball at the rec with David and others. So, I took advantage of my night at home alone (which happens rarely!), put my earbuds in with my iPod, and got busy in the house. Daisy girl didn't know what was going on, because the house was totally silent for her with the TV off, and Mommy wasn't paying much attention to her. I usually cuddle up with her while we're watching TV at night...Zach makes fun of me spoiling her like I do, but I'll miss that when she's gone some day- far, far in the future, I hope. I know babies will one day take the place of her & Cosmo, but they'll always be our first little babies. :)

After cleaning, I went in our guest room to drag out a couple of craft projects I had done, um, forever ago. I had finished these a while back and posted pics of them, but then put them right back in the guest room. It's sad that I always seem to have no room for anything new, so I just made room for them last night.

You remember my apothecary jars that were probably the easiest, and cheapest, craft I've ever done:

I looked around the house (I atleast knew I wanted them somewhere in the living room/dining room area), and decided to put them on the dining room table. This is how it looked before:

I have a gorgeous silver bowl that was given to us as a wedding gift. I have had this on the table for a while, and was wanting something new anyway. I did still keep the bowl in the living room. I just couldn't put it in a room where it wouldn't be seen- it's way too pretty for that!

Here are the jars in their new home:

I already had the potpourri from the bowl, so it was a simple change-up!

I also found a home for my "J" (or "L" or "T", as Zach calls it). I may put it on the back of our back door later on, but I'm just trying it out here first to see if I even like it:

Yikes! Hello glare! I do like it in this spot. It adds some color to my drab white/silver blob going on in the china cabinet. It also ties together the china cabinet and the dining room chairs, since they are all made from the same fabric. I love that!

For the ties, I used some tulle ribbon that was actually used in our wedding to tie up even more "J's". So, the ribbon = FREE.

I think the golds blended rather well, so I went with it.
And, since I just love Before & Afters so much:


Sad little "J"


I am liking it here! I may still try it out on the back door. At the pace I was going on these, it will probably be months from now, but that's ok. It gives me something to look forward to. :)

Finding a place for these two things took all of 20 minutes- including the time it took me to find the tulle and hot glue it to the back of the "J". Fairly productive for a weeknight,
if I do say so myself! 

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