Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A & Z

I did this project a LONG time ago, like over a year ago, before I even started really getting into crafting. I saw a post the other day on a blog I frequent that was very similar. It really makes you think you're doing something right when you see a designer post a project like this on their own blog. I have also seen a few other pictures of great ideas using these same letters from Hobby Lobby. You can do so much with them!

You can use the letters as a monogram, or like the post I found the other day, you can use "Mr & Mrs", or spell out something. The "Mr & Mrs" was cute, but I like my idea better. :)

This is the Polystone Letter from Hob Lob. The price on their website and in store is usually $9.99, but if you use one of their famous 40% off coupons (which I do every single time I go), it's not bad at all. Also, they are almost always having a sale on lots of different products, so you're more than likely going to catch what you're looking for on sale fairly often. These were on sale the day I got them, at 50% off, so that was really nice. 

You can also find something similar from Ballard Designs:

These are the 3 Small Typesetter Plaques, and they are $45 for 3 SMALL ones- that's 15 bucks a pop. By the way, 3 large ones are just a mere $75. Ha! No thank you! But, did you notice the rubbed white one? Does that color of paint/distressing look familiar? :)

(Sorry, had to throw that in there. Still a little proud of myself.) :)

Anyway, back to the project...

I bought the "A", the ampersand, and the "Z" from Hob Lob. I wasn't too crazy about the shiny (blaringly shiny) gold, so I bought some Rustoleum in brushed antique bronze (cheap at WalMart) and went to town. Here is the finished product in our master bedroom:

The hardest part of this project was making the bed. :)

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