Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Thrift Store Loot

Well, I did it. I actually stopped by the thrift store this Monday and didn't buy a thing. I contribute that to my "blah" stage (see next paragraph), but I am officially over that now. I actually went Monday, picked out a couple of things, and just didn't feel like buying them...only to go back the very next day and buy some of them. So, technically, I guess you could call Monday a "scouting trip." Atleast it wasn't in vain.

I have had the "blahs" ever since Father's Day, and I had to make myself snap out of it. I had a surprisingly good day that day, but it just made me think about so much. I don't like getting in a funk where I zone out and obsess over things non-stop, which is exactly what I have been doing. I think about the things that have happened, things that are happening now, and things that may have even the slightest possibility of happening in the future. I have a big flaw about worrying over things that never even take place. In my mind, there's always a chance they might happen. It's not a good habit to have, and it wastes so much of my time.

Anyway, I have some little projects I have been busy with lately, and will post on those soon. They have really kept me occupied, and kept my mind from wandering. Cleaning the house works this way too, but the house is already clean from our company on Sunday night. Yippee! Speaking of, we had such a great time with Zach's dad and Grandma at our house. My sweetie fried some alligator as an appetizer (such a treat!), then fried some Trigger fish, grilled some Red Snapper and his original (You're welcome, Sweetie, for using that word) grilled potatoes. I cooked my "original" green beans & corn-on-the-cob. Love those summer veggies! Cheesecake was the dessert of choice, of course. As usual, the two guys kept us laughing the entire time. It was really what I needed that day.

Also, Zach's mom came over to the house last night and had dinner with us, so we've had a house full of family this week.
To me, there's nothing better. :)

Here are some photos of a couple of things I scored from my trip to the store, and the ideas I have for them (iPhone pics- sorry if they're blurry):

This little picture frame will one day (hopefully) be a jewelry tray. I plan to sand & paint the ornate frame (isn't it gorgeous??), then put some fabric or scrapbook paper under the glass. Not too crazy about the dated paisley print. Speaking of, if any of you have any good suggestions about where to get fairly cheap, cute prints of scrapbook paper, fire away! I'm new to this sort of thing. :)

I actually picked out three like picture frames on Monday, but when I returned on Tuesday, they weren't there. This is a downfall of thrifting. If you see something you want, GET IT! I kept going back & forth about these picture frames, and never picked them up. When I first spotted them, I knew exactly what I wanted for them. A little something like this:

Google Images

I love the ribbon tying the frames together! We also don't have enough black throughout our house. We need a little more to tie our entertainment center in with the rest of our house. Also, I am in love with black & white photos, and my talented hubby has taken plenty that are just waiting to be printed and framed. I think black & white pics go better with a black frame, anyway. So, I guess I'll be on the lookout from now on for three like picture frames. I did, however, find these frames on Tuesday, and I think I like them even more than the previous ones...

All I have to do is clean them, paint them (not sure what color yet), then pop out the old picture & put in a new. Easy! The hardest part is finding a place to hang them! Ha!

These were 2 bucks a piece, which is a little pricey for the thrift store, but this is THE place to buy picture frames of any kind. Gone are the days when I would go to Wal-Mart and spend anywhere from $5-$25 on a stinkin' frame. My favorite places are the thrift store and Kirklands. Kirklands is always having a sale on frames starting at $4.98 or so, and they are BEAUTIFUL!

This is a mirror I picked up on another trip, but wanted to include it anyway. I'm thinking I may paint it brown, but the gold is kinda' growing on me. We'll see...

When I left the store that day, I stopped at my grandmother's for lunch. She always gives me little things here & there that she either bought for me, or found somewhere in her closet. She gave me this little jewel that she had gotten at a Christmas party years ago. It matches our living room colors perfectly, so I was thrilled to take it home with me!

"Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow."

Love it!

That's it for this trip. I always seem to find something at that store. It's always something I could definitely live without,
but I would rather not. :)

Thanks to everyone who commented on both my painted table post and my Father's Day post. I have started an App on Facebook called NetworkedBlogs, and it's allowed me to invite my Facebook friends to visit/follow my blog and post comments straight to the link on Facebook. I am loving reading the comments that everyone is posting (doesn't every blogger get a little giddy about comments?), and I like that others get the chance to check out my posts. I have also entered the world of linking up some of my posts to the design blogs I love and am always talking about. I have already received some comments from people who have found me through those links, and it's awesome! Getting a little exposure on some of my projects is a good thing!

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  1. Lovely to read your profile and get to know you a little. Enjoyed reading through your blog and hearing how much you are enjoying working on your home. Always more rewarding when you do the work yourself.


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