Tuesday, May 31, 2011

While Zach Was Away

My sweetie just recently got back from his "man-cation" with his best friend Brett. I'm so glad they had the chance to go. They figured it was probably the last time they would be able to go somewhere like this, and I guess it's true. They won't have as many chances to do this after marriage (Brett's) and kids in the future. They had a blast, which I knew they would. I told Zach that I was genuinely happy for him, but I must admit,
I was a little jealous too. :)

While he was away, I kept myself busy at the house. I did enjoy having some alone time, which I really don't get that much of. My alone time is usually when I'm in my car, and that's only a few minutes every day to & from work & home. That's when I love to pray & sing, so I enjoy that time while I have it.
I used my free time in the afternoons to do things around the house and finish a couple of crafty projects.
My main project was the table I am painting. Still working on that one, and I will definitely post pics when it is done. I started on it a few weekends ago, but it has so many stages of paint coats and drying time (and I'm too big of a perfectionist to not take care of little flaws along the way- not good),
so it's a slower process than I thought. I have started the sandpaper antiquing/distressing on it, so it's coming along. I love doing this, by the way! It makes me want to carry the sandpaper all throughout the house and start distressing everything. Probably not a good idea, though!

Instead, I'll post a pic of my other small craft, the apothecary jars:

I found this idea on a few different design blogs, and it was so incredibly easy and cheap! It made me wish I had come up with the idea. I took two candlesticks that I purchased from the thrift store for .25 each, two glass hurricanes I purchased at Dollar Tree (love it!) for...you guessed it...$1.00 each, and some E6000 (heavy duty, made for glass and ceramics) glue.
I also saw a post on using glass canisters with lids,
so I may try that later on.
Would love to have these with lids!

...now I get to fill them up with useless things! :)

I also found a little home for the moss balls I created a few weeks ago. I put them on our coffee table with my lantern from Pottery Barn (I bought it on sale & with a gift card- awesome!), and I love the way it looks. I told Zach it looks like it could be straight from the pages of a PB catalog, but at nowhere near the price.
Even better!

Anyways, it got a little lonely at night while he was gone, but I did have the two babies to keep me company. I'm going to be "that annoying person that always wants to show off pictures of her 'kids' " and post a couple of pics I took of them.
I sent them to Zach while he was gone, just to give him a little taste of home while he was away. :)

 Daisy girl sunbathing :)

I stayed the night with Mom on Friday night, and we watched Hope Floats, one of our favorites! I enjoyed shopping & eating out with Mom & Mamaw Helen on Saturday. I bought a new swimsuit, which is huge for me! I buy a new swimsuit about every 2 or 3 years, because I can NEVER find one I like! It was on sale for 40% off too, so that sweetened the deal even more. Then on Saturday afternoon when we got back, Mom & I went to the matinee & watched Bridesmaids. This movie is stinkin' HILARIOUS! On Sunday, I went to Sunday School & church, then met Mom & her friend Carol for lunch. Mom & I spent the entire afternoon laying out by the pool. It was Heaven!

I so enjoyed spending more time with Mom.
It's great to have your best (girl) friend and your Mom be the same person. :)

Speaking of, Mom just got back from her little get-away with her best friend, Gina. They went to Sandestin for the Memorial Day weekend and had a blast! She deserved to have a vacation more than anyone I know! While she was away, Mamaw Helen & I went to Mom's and straightened up the house, just to do a little something for her while she was gone.

Zach & I had a great, lazy weekend. The only thing we really did was spend the day in Chattanooga on Saturday. I hit LOFT (of course)...they were having a 50% off on sale items sale, so I couldn't resist. I ended up getting a pair of pin-striped dress pants for $7.00, a sequined cardigan for $4.00, and I splurged a little on a CUTE summer top (which I'm wearing right now, by the way) for about $17.00. I love that stinkin' store!

**Sheena- if you're reading this: First of all, I tried to comment on your latest blog post, and it wouldn't let me. Second, we HAVE TO plan a shopping trip to LOFT soon...and we may just have to hit other stores along the way too! :)

We enjoyed a small lunch at Chick-Fil-A, then I drug Zach to see Bridesmaids...yep, my second time to see it. I figured he owed me one for his vacation- he agreed. :) We then had dinner at Ichiban, one of my favorites!! I had to get some sushi, and it was yummy! I absolutely love it, but I don't have the chance to have it very often, so I get it every chance I can. Good ole' FP just doesn't have a market for a sushi bar/ Japanese restaurant, I guess. We had a short visit with Zach's mom while there which is always nice, and then headed home late that night. It's difficult to fit everything into one day each time we make a trip there. There's always so much to do!

Nothing like a long weekend, and a short work week to follow!


  1. Just wanted to say I really enjoy having my girl as my best buddy. And thanks so much for the house cleaning surprise. You're a special little girl and I'm proud you're mine. Love you, Mom

  2. Ahhh I don't know what's going on with my blog, it's been acting funny lately! But yes we'll need to do a major shopping trip- I totally got a pair of the pinstripe pants you're talking about! I usually know when the GAP and The Limited are having some good (and when I mean good, like <$10 good) deals too :) I can't wait to get to shop with you sometime!!

  3. Love the hurricane vases! They are on my list of things to do, but I'm holding out until we get our kitchen done. (We're remodeling!) I bought a cheese cloche today at the thrift store that is going to get a pedestal and a little TLC later on this week (hopefully). And I have a super cute monogram piece I'm planning on doing as soon as I save up enough wine corks (could take a WHILE!). I've never been into all this artsy stuff, but it's really fun!

  4. Mom- I'm proud you're mine! :)

    Sheena- We have to plan one! We just need to set a date and GO!

    Amanda- Girl, you need to share your ideas! I was artsy when I was little, then got out of the groove, but now I'm loving it! It's fun to decorate the house with little things I've created- especially at a cheap price! Share pics!

  5. I will try to take a picture of the Mod Podge'd spice labels tomorrow and show you!
    Here is the monogram I'm hoping to do (except not an H, obviously. LoL): http://myhappilyeveraftertheend.blogspot.com/2011/05/tutorial-wine-cork-monogram.html
    I don't know which blogs you read, but I like these:


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