Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's (is it Mother's or Mothers'?) Day weekend with our families! I made it a point to bring my camera, because I now want pictures of everyone and everything. It only takes a minute to take a picture, and then you'll have that memory forever. Pictures are so important to me right now! 
(Sorry for the rant...)

On Saturday, we headed to Chattanooga to spend the afternoon with Zach's mom. We had a quick lunch at Chick-Fil-A, then we met her at her favorite coffee shop, Rembrandt's, in the art district. She & Zach enjoyed a dessert, while my dessert was a cup of their tomato artichoke soup. I had this the last time we went there, and loved it! We enjoyed visiting out in the sunny courtyard area. It was nice to sit & relax for a little while!

Zach & his mom :)

She took a couple of us too!

On Sunday, we went to Sunday School & church that morning. We sang a BEAUTIFUL arrangement of Amazing Grace, and had a guest bagpipe player. One word: AMAZING!!

Mom & I went to visit Mamaw Ruth after church and brought her food from one of her favorites, Captain D's. :) We really enjoyed our time with her. I realize that this is the hardest Mother's Day she's ever been through. I couldn't imagine. She's still hanging in there though, and that really inspires me.

We headed to Gadsden that afternoon- Mom, Jonathan, me, Zach, Mamaw Helen & Papaw Hoyt- shopped for a while, and ate to our heart's content at Top O' the River...yum!! If I have a pot of their turnip greens in front of me, I'm a happy girl! Hehe!

Mamaw Helen opening her gift

Three generations

Me, Mamaw Helen & Jon

We visited the cemetery that afternoon when we got back. Dad's grave has grass coming up and it looks nice. (Wow. It still seems so weird to say the phrase "Dad's grave" or even see it when I type it.) Mom got him a gorgeous arrangement for decoration. Slade did it, so you know it's fantastic! He included red & white flowers and a houndstooth ribbon. Roll Tide! :)

We got home fairly early that afternoon, and I headed outside for my little spray paint party. I have accumulated a few things lately that I have wanted to spray paint. Since reading a lot of design blogs, I have realized how simple it is and how much it can change something, just in a matter of minutes. I took a few "before & after" pics, so I may post those soon...if I don't think it will be too boring of a post.

Things are going well! Zach is still extremely busy, and his Leadercast Conference at The Summit this past Friday was a SUCCESS!! I'm so proud of him! :) Also, to top it all off, they made an official announcement that the great little city of Fort Payne WILL be getting a Chick-Fil-A in the near future!!! Yay!!! I don't know which one I'm more excited about- Chick-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby (it's been confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce that we're getting a Hob Lob too!) Needless to say, life is pretty good in the Jones household right now. :)

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