Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going Green...the Cute Way!

I realize this is a shallow post, especially after the subject of my last post. But, something one-dimensional sounds pretty good right now. With all of these heavy events happening lately, it feels good to talk about something light.

So, I treated myself yesterday. I know that I, in no way, deserve anything (especially after seeing people lose so much in this past week), but every now & then, I just want to buy myself a little something. I know that one day, I may be spending all my money on kiddos and won't be buying anything for myself anymore, so this is my time.

I have countless purses, for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, but I guess I thought I needed to add just one more. I did a good deed while shopping for myself though- I bought one of these same purses for my sweet momma! I plan to spoil her this Mother's Day. I would like to think that she has always felt spoiled & pampered on Mother's Day, but I think this year, she's entitled to a little something more.

My colorful, Spring-y Lilly Bloom bag

The bag is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. Pretty neat, huh? Actually, I'll tell on myself: this fact is just an added bonus to me. A lady came in the office last week with one, and I have wanted one ever since! The colors of the bag first caught my eye, and when I walked over to them in the store & saw them up-close, I knew they were coming home with me. After all that, I noticed the tag that said it was a "green" product. :) I'm not saying I'm not into "going green," but it's not at the absolute top of my list. Neither is buying all organic. As Zach always says, I think it's great to buy organic- if you can afford it. Maybe some day they will start to make organic products more affordable. Until then, we're just fine as we are.

All the pockets & different compartments are awesome!

I got so excited about buying this for myself & Mom. I love simple things, as you can tell. It's not an expensive designer bag, and I like that. I get tired of the same bag, so I don't need to invest a lot into just one. Also, cheap is good, as long as it doesn't look cheap. :) I bought it at an outlet here in town that I love, and the original tag on it shows $59.00, so it wasn't cheap at one time. Oh, how I love bargains!

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  1. Your bag is so did not mention it is "green". I am sure your mom will love it, and I LOVE my orchid :-); it really is the prettiest I have ever seen and brightens my day when I see it on the kitchen counter every morning. Thank you also for coming today...I am a lucky mom.
    Love you,


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