Friday, September 7, 2012

Four Years of Wedded Bliss

I cannot believe that my sweetie & I are about to celebrate FOUR years of marriage! These past few years have been the happiest, and the hardest, of my life. I say that mainly because I lost my dad a little over 2 years into our marriage. Zach going through that with me (beautifully, I might add)- although it being the most difficult thing I've ever endured- strengthened our marriage, I can honestly say. I also use the term "hardest," because marriage is hard work. Marriage is hard work, because it's worth it.

Marriage is also a big adjustment, and a constant one at that. You "adjust" your life to accomodate the other. You are living for another now. You share your everything with them. Just living under the same roof together is an adjustment. I can remember people asking us "How married life was treating us?" even a couple of years in, and I would always answer, "It's different,
but a good different."

I am so very blessed to have Zach. I tell myself, and him (sometimes, when I'm in a good mood), that I don't deserve him. I thank God for him, and remind Him that I'm not deserving. Zach is the smartest person I know. He has such a kind heart, and he is such a good daddy to Daisy & Cosmo. They're our practice run for the future, you know. :)

He is so very handsome, and even more so now that he never has to wear his glasses anymore. I am so proud of him for the business that he has built, all by himself, since he was in high school. He is incredibly intelligent & talented in his field of web/graphic design & marketing, and I hear that all the time from others. (See, it's not just me, everyone else brags on him too!) I am thankful to him for helping to support our little family these past four years. Cosmo & Daisy are thankful too.

And, for my dad, I can't leave out that he's a die-hard Alabama fan. Roll Tide, Dad! :)

Ok, I'll stop with the sappiness...

I do want to share some quick photos of our anniversaries over the years, along with links to my previous anniversary posts. I thought this would be a neat way to look back at how we've changed (me, with mostly my hair color & styles, and Zach with looking better & better each year).

To kick things off, here are links to posts from our first date anniverary & our one month anniversary.


For our First Anniversary, we took a long weekend trip to Atlanta. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton (amazing!), and had a fancy dinner. We toured the Coco-Cola Museum & the Georgia Aquarium. Here we are at dinner that night at the Atlanta Grill...

1st Anniversary


For our Second Anniversary, we decided not to take a trip, because we wanted to be home for a friend's wedding. I did take a few days off from work though. We got a lot done around the house during my time off, cooked some yummy dinners, and then we enjoyed that weekend at our friend Brittany's wedding. Here we are at Britt & Joey's wedding...

2nd Anniversary


We celebrated our Third Anniversary in style- just as we are this year! We went to Walt Disney World, our favorite place on Earth (as I've mentioned a gazillion times before)! This was our best trip yet- we had been a few times before. We got to do almost all of the things we wanted. I wanted to include a few of my favorite pics of us from the trip... 

3rd Anniversary

(Pics coming soon!)

Stay tuned for pics from our Fourth Anniversary trip! We know it will be even better than the last- we are staying for a full EIGHT days this time!!! We are beyond excited, and are planning on not leaving a single thing out. We want to do everything on our list this trip! We are so blessed & thankful to God that we have the opportunity to take another trip. We know that one day, we'll be too busy with little ones, or something else may hinder us from traveling. We are living it up right now with our vacations
while we can!!

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