Monday, August 27, 2012

3 Things For Under $10!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We enjoyed our last Saturday before football season with a trip to see Zach's mom. We had a wonderful lunch with her at The Boathouse, one of our favorites, then shopped a little that afternoon. We then had a wonderful service at church on Sunday morning, followed by a great lunch, then we spent the afternoon getting things done at home.

Lately, we are very excited about some home improvement projects in the works around here!! We are having ceramic tile put down in a couple weeks in our kitchen & two bathrooms, so tile is one of the things we shopped for on Saturday- it was so fun!! That project is going to be so awesome once it's done! I would love to say that we could tackle that project on our own, but we're not that brave. Might as well have it done correctly the first time, right?
I will post some before & after pics once it's done!

Other than that, we are counting down the days to our 4th Anniversary vacation to Walt Disney World!! I am still in disbelief that we are coming up on 4 years of marriage! We can't wait to spend it at our favorite place on Earth!! :)

So, I wanted to kick the week off by posting about my lunch break thrifting trip last week, because I am still so giddy about it!! I scored 3 items & paid $9.00. Yep, I got out for under 10 bucks. Woohoo! That's what I call a successful thrifting trip.

I wanted to also share somewhat of an "After" pic of each item, showing where it is in our home now (kinda' like what I did in this post), but I haven't really found a place for all of it yet- ha! I always want to show what I've done with my finds, but I also have to find the time to do that. Two of these things will more than likely be used at Christmas time, anyway. If you want to check out some other thrifting posts of mine, I'll make it easier for ya': there's one here, here and here. :)

Before we get to the important part though, I want to share what I scored at my first stop, The Dollar Tree, that day...

I am surprised every time I browse through that store. They really do have some cute things, not to mention the everyday bargains that save you a trip to the lovely Wal-Mart.

I just loved these little ceramics! If you remember, I bought these ceramics there last year, and set them out again this year...

Yay for cheap, but not cheap-looking, seasonal decor! Seriously, these could pass for a Kirkland's purchase- easily! My sweetie even mentioned how nice they are for a $1-a-piece purchase, so you know it's noticeable. :)

Now, back to the good stuff...I only had about 10 minutes of my lunch hour left, but wanted to stop by the thrift store right quick. And I am so glad I did!

I grabbed up this little beauty first...

 This was $1.00!

I have in mind to use this in my crafting area in our basement. I am wanting to just leave it as is- the chippy wood is so pretty,
I don't want to cover it up! 

I spotted this next...

This was $3.00!

Now, I KNOW I don't need another wreath form, but I couldn't pass this one up. (I've said that way too many times before.) The last wreath form I bought is versatile, and can be used for anything. This one is just a Christmas wreath only. This one is very heavy & filled with lush branches. It was definitely not a cheap-o wreath in its past life. (FYI, the first thing I'll do is take off the apples & bow.) :) 

I am planning on dressing this baby up with some deco mesh!

Lastly, I came to this...

This was $5.00!

This was a dusty little thing when I first spotted it in the store. But, you can easily wipe that right off. I am also not really happy with some of the items stuck in this little arrangement, but that is also easily fixable.

I have big plans for this beauty- I am wanting to mix & match a lot of different things to dress the arrangement up. I am hoping it will be my go-to arrangement for my dining table, which I've never really had before. This is mainly because of the expense of most of them & I have never really found anything I'm in love with...until now. You can add & take away to make it fit every single season and occassion... Yes, please!

I am just loving the heavy urn too! It is crazy how heavy
& sturdy it is!

I will keep you all posted on our home improvement ventures! I may not be posting much for a little while, with our vacation & "remodeling" projects going on, but I hope to still keep working on little crafting projects in the middle of it all.

And, just in case I don't  have a chance to post again before the weekend... ROLL TIDE!!


  1. Great budget finds!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Talk about amazing use of time! Getting those three very cool and inexpensive items in the little bit of time left on your lunch hour is truly impressive!


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